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Ascension to Uncertainty
-------------INFO------------------------------------------------------ File Name: aetctf.pk3 Map Name: Ascension to Uncertainty Author: Aeternus Editor: Q3radiant Gametype: CTF Bot Support: nope New Textures: sky w/ shader, old q2rock New Sounds: 2 Suggested Amt: 4-12 players -------------ABOUT----------------------------------------------------- Features 2 "castles" and outdoor areas. Has 2 unique last resort systems (you'll find em). Fish have been added for effect! The connectivity between areas is good, many different routes to travel :D. I've put in 8 intial spawns and 3 respawns per side in case any one wants to have a match or something. -------------COMMENTS-------------------------------------------------- This is my first map for quake3 and i went for originality. Some textures arent aligned perfectly and a few overlap but you'll hardly notice em unless you zoom in and go nitpicking :P Hope ya guys like it. Send comments to **email removed** -------------LEGAL CRAP------------------------------------------------ Authors MAY use this map as a base for a new map so long as I am informed.
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