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The Goblin Stronghold
------- Q3A Map ------- File : gsctf1.pk3 Title : The Goblin Stronghold Description : Capture the Flag Map for Quake 3 Arena Designer : Jesse DeGarmo, a.k.a. undeaddemon Editor Used : QERadiant Build Time : A few hours a night for a month or 4ever Date Completed : 1-26-2000 Bot Support : .aas file included Brushes : 1198 Entities : 195 Comments : This is my first Q3A map. I seem to be amazingly slow, so it took forever. More maps in the future though. My brother and I should make some models in my next map. This map is well suited to those who loved the origional Quake series. The Goblin Stronghold is a CTF map for 6-12 players. Hope you like it! Thanks : The people on the ShugaShack messageboard for answering a few questions I had during the build process. id Software for releasing the tools for their badass product. id RULZ! Installation : Put the gsctf1.pk3 into your Q3 "/baseq3" directory. Disclaimer : The Goblin Stronghold is Copyright (c) 2000 Jesse DeGarmo. You may distribute the original pk3 file, but may not alter it or charge any money or fees. Version : version 1.0 Questions? : **email removed** geocities.com/undeaddemon
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