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GrayLiotta by Slowtreme
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Hand unregistered
#21   05 Aug 2000
Good map, seems even faster than it was in QW days, but I'm not sure about the static sky.
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Leviathen unregistered
#20   25 Apr 2000
Sorry, too many teleporters makes this just feel like a 'novelty' map for me.
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DogStar unregistered
#19   05 Mar 2000
Credit to JVOX for the original design and to Slowtreme for trying hard to get it on the Q3 tip. I thnk the map needed some resizing and adjustment for the Q3 physics (feels great and zippy in QW, it's sort of clumsy in Q3). Also, I think the teleporters need a better texture... I found the ones that are used quite uninspired. The "See through to the other side" thing would have been hella sweet, but maybe that would have been too rough on the framerates.

That being said, I think this is an elegant map with some really excellent concepts that challenge the basic formula of deathmatch play without actually dilluting or deconstructing it. Learning the teleporters is part of the map. That's all there is to it. It's an unusual and creative approach to movement and flow and I give it the big two-thumbs-up for being bold enough to try something a little different and for making it beautiful as well.

That mirror under your feet where the quad is doesn't work for me.

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Scorpion unregistered
#18   13 Feb 2000
This map is quick it has perfect

weapon placement the many teleporters are a good thing because you can escape when you are losing this Map is really one of my favourits and I give it a 7.5

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Slowtreme unregistered
#17   13 Feb 2000
Me Pipeing in again, There are no teleporters at the bottom of any stairs, assball.

To get to Quad, I RJ from the top ledge across from the Monolith, then walk around the edge to the quad. Much easier that trying to RJ from the RA, IMO.

I am normally the beliver that Teleporters are the product of bad map design. "Oh crap this and of the map is going to have to dead end, Naw I'll just add a Teleporter here."

Grayliotta is the exception to this rule, and it's the one Teleporter map that I think works. One of the reasons I contacted Jvox to do a port.

I'm not trying to convince anyone here to like the map. It's a twich fest, and requires a certian kind of skill to play well. Q2 fans and Converts need not apply. Of course I recommend everyone give it a shot =)

Menace: As far as who is the author, This is Jvox's map, true. But this is my conversion, and should remain that way, in case he want's to do his own. (pretty doubtfull since he likes this one) He is working on a coversion of Jackie Brown last I heard.

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menace unregistered
#16   12 Feb 2000
yeah, there have always been too many teleporters that you tend to accidentaly back into, this was a problem with the original as well, and my biggest complaint about it.

I haven't tried enough in the new version to see how it works, but in the original you could rocketjump straight up from right in front of the quad area (across from ra), and ended up on a narrow edge of a light fixture just below the quad platform itself, then you could just step up or jump up (I forget which) to the quad itself.

An excellent map, but not a great like jackie brown. The conversion is excellent though.

(One thing that bugs me, not about htis conversion in particular but in general, is that slowtreme is NOT the author, he is only the "translator" or "porter." While the readme does give credit to jvox, as do informed sites like this one, the listing in the readme and elsewhere as him as the "author" is just plain WRONG! This seems to be a convention in quake map ports though, that the porter tends to claim credit as "author" where it is not due... I don't care how much work it took to convert the map, the person who converts it is NOT the author, unless enough is changed that it is only loosely "inspired by" the original map.)

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AssBall unregistered
#15   12 Feb 2000
You have a name, boy? Anyway, I should have been more specific. The hallways were too narrow, as Tigger said, and they keep bobbing up and down and switching directions. This coupled with the teleporters I accidentally hit when jumping down the stairs just got old fast.
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not entered unregistered
#14   12 Feb 2000
How does a hallway get on a nerve?
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AssBall unregistered
#13   12 Feb 2000
Yes, the teleporters. There are too many. The only really well placed useful one is by the mega health. The level has solid construction and is built well, but I felt some of the textures were slightly out of place. Sometimes the hallways got on my nerves too.
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GrindSpire unregistered
#12   12 Feb 2000
This map looks cool, but i don't like the teleporters or the console buttons. Doesn't play as well as I hoped though, a 7 I think. Needs some more work.
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Spiff unregistered
#11   12 Feb 2000
I remember getting this the instant it came out on Ramshackle and losing a significant portion of my life to it.

This Q3 port pretty much does it justice. The shaders are a big plus. Somehow the texturing doesn't seem to have the same cold manufactured look that the original does, but it's still damn nice.

I loved the original, I love this.

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Slowtreme unregistered
#10   12 Feb 2000
If you hear someone grab Quad, shoot a Console (not the teleporters) and you might catch them in the crusher trap.

Learning the teleporter sequence is the key to Grayliotta, Q1 or Q3 version. If you don't know where that heads, the other guy will :P

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RoGuE unregistered
#9   12 Feb 2000
This map is awesome. There are definitely a lot of teleporters, but I factor that into the strategy for the level and I find this map takes on a different personality fm the standard ones shipped w/ retail version or custom maps being made. When you're lightning fighting w/ somebody from one angle, hit a teleporter and switch to rail at same time and pop the guy in the back of the head, I just get warm & fuzzy all over.

Yes, it's easy to hit teleporters, but that's part of the map. As far as getting the quad goes... if you're having problems RJ'ing from RA platform or jump pad, go around to the base of the tower and hit TWO teleporters which places you on the top tier looking at the tower. RJ from there to the other side of the quad platform and you're in. This is especially useful if you hear somebody hit the jump pad and you have a RL in hand.. just RJ, catch quad, and fire dead ahead... >=]

All in all, this is one of my top three. Kudos to Slowtreme and the original crew

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Ramuh unregistered
#8   12 Feb 2000
Interesting map, teleporters made it a tad confusing when i accidentally backed or fell into them.

I killed my self with the rocket launcher in the quad room cause of the mirror :)

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Sundown unregistered
#7   12 Feb 2000
Its pretty fun with humans, but bots become easily obsessed with all the teleporters, and they play a bit wacked.
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RedFive unregistered
#6   12 Feb 2000
Twitchfactor, I tried to r-jump off the red armor platform, but I kept messing up the timing and firing my rocket at the very bottom. That's when I said "Fuck it!" and r-jumped off the jump pad, and it worked!
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phen unregistered
#5   12 Feb 2000
You do need to learn where the teles go but once you've got it you can pop around the place like crazy. Not best for long term strategy though.
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#4   12 Feb 2000
Hmm, I dunno.. it's decent for 1 on 1, but as someone who plays quake for fun and not competitively, this map just didn't do it for me. It's too utilitarian.
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Cutla$$ unregistered
#3   12 Feb 2000
Love the visuals. Very cool but ah, the level just didnt flow together. There' hardly and strategy when there's portals all over the place. I give it a 7
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#2   11 Feb 2000
I like this maps clean aesthetic and quick flow.

The teleporters are quite annoying, but the author says it's "true to the original".


I didn't find the quad too difficult to get. Just go to the perch where the red armor is and rocketjump from that ledge. Much easier than trying to rocketjump from the jump-pad.

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RedFive unregistered
#1   11 Feb 2000
This one looked like fun, but after trying it I admit I was a bit disappointed. It's much too easy to hit an teleporter by accident, and the sheer number of teleporters makes it damn annoying. You hear the teleport sound all over the place. And the Quad? Don't ask me how to get it; the only way I managed it is by rocket-jumping off the jump pad that's directly undere the red armor. Very tricky. But aside from the teleporting thing, the map is nice and action is very fast.
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