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The Ring of Bone
The Ring of Bone by Riscchip
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Takkie Rep. 908
#19   30 Mar 2015
Very well build. Nice texturing. Size is big. Solid map evenmore praise considering the date of release.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#18   29 Jul 2002
Fast map,had fun playing this with a large player load. It works for me. Like the face :)
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#17   15 Aug 2000
One of the best "Gothic Hall" - type levels I've ever seen... bots like it ( use 7 or 8 for real fun ) and it looks and plays real smooth, good frame-rates all round the place. Good weapon placement too, although I seem to keep running out of RG ammo just when I neded it most! :-)

Monsieur RRROOOAAARRR lui donne: 9.5/10

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QuakeMapDesigner unregistered
#16   14 Feb 2000
Hi Riscchip, you did a pretty cool nice job on that one. Keep the good work.
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RedFive unregistered
#15   13 Feb 2000
Ok. I think I'll need to play this map A LOT more before I really learn it! It's just HUGE !!! The big downside I see to huge maps is that you have to escape heavy fire right upon re-spawning just to get to a decent gun, and the big gun emplacements scream out "Heavy bombardment zone". But in a team DM game with 10-16 people, this map must be the shit. Oh, and I love pulling 720s on those huge gaps !!! :)
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#14   13 Feb 2000
Ok, I managed to solve the problem for both maps, by putting the image it was complaining about (launchpad_metalbridge04d) into the folder it wanted (textures/dmmq3dm2/)... I have no idea why it would expect to find that there. I think maybe there is something funky about that dmmq3dm2 map conversion.
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#13   13 Feb 2000
Shit, I'm having the same problem on q3wctf1 now also! Arrg!
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#12   13 Feb 2000
Yeah, I just got this problem myself..which is weird because I had played it previous to that w/o any problems.
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YaBoZe unregistered
#11   13 Feb 2000
I don't have the textures on the jumppads in the big room. I have a gray square. Bringing up the console reveals that it can't find the textures or something is missing. Anyone else get this?

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Scorpion unregistered
#10   13 Feb 2000
This map is gothic it's big (to big if you ask me) but ok nice super for nerwerk or internet games it isn't bad if seen worse


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Sundown unregistered
#9   12 Feb 2000
Excellent map for big crowds. Nice detailing....'cept I kept looking for the door to the Chamber of Bone. I wanna live here.
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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#8   12 Feb 2000
This map rocks

finaly a map that is BIG!!!!

ive been whaiting for one of these maps for ages. now we can play Q3 at LANs wihtout being in each others faces on the maps

NICE JOB DUDE!!!!!!!!!

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AssBall unregistered
#7   12 Feb 2000
I just read my comment and realized how fucked my comment is. Nice and damn near impossible to read. Sometimes I wonder why I am still alive.
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AssBall unregistered
#6   12 Feb 2000
Very nice map indeed. The arches are just a blast to fly through on the jumpads, that's chick's face is a sweet effect, and the whole map just has a great affect. I don't think it is too big at all. I am sick of three-room-and-a-hallway DMs. Great job Riscchip, let us know when your next is out.
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Redrum unregistered
#5   12 Feb 2000
Well. It's been on our servers for several weeks and I was wondering when it would get submitted.

There are many great aspects to this map. The flow and proportions are just right. Though the file says 8-16 it's actually pretty good playing hunt'em with 4 players.

It has a central room with a roughly symmetrical map layout (I haven't checked but it feels like it) and some large unique spaces to really fight in.

The screen shot shows a classic "risk getting you butt kicked to get the rl" section - since it's recessed in a little pocket and over looked by the top of the stairs. Even here the Riscchip has included 2 jump pads either side of the stairs so you can surprise those potential campers.

Weapon placement and ammo is intelligent and well thought out. The Quad is central to the main room but overlooked on four sides with opposing jumps on two of them.

Achitecture, while nothing new, is equally well executed but not very interesting to look at. The face is cool but the coolness is lost in it's placement...

The flow mentioned above is excellent - you never really know until you've played it for ages - whilst some players do follow routes this is greatly reduced by the distance and weapon placement. In this map you make do with what you have and fight your way to what you want.

Altogether it's a great map with some excellent set pieces and attention to [gameplay] detail.

If you ask me I'd say the author played his map again and again with lots of good quakers and listened to what they had to say....

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Raven unregistered
#4   12 Feb 2000
I've had this map for a while now, haven't got sick of it yet, I think it's really good. Not quite as good as the *Top* custom Quake3 maps, but very good just the same. It'll be staying on my Hard Drive, well, for as long as Quake3 does anyway, lets see I'm 36 now, should live for another 45 years, so yeah !! it'll be there for quite a while :)
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#3   12 Feb 2000
This map is reeal big for my tastes, however I have to say that that woman's face with the shader effect is so cool.. how come iD didn't give us some stuff like that? ;) .. reminds me of that old genesis game 'devil crush', heh.
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Timothy 11 Black unregistered
#2   11 Feb 2000
Whats up with you Tig?I told you about this map like 4 weeks ago in an e-mail!Come to think of it I think I did it more than once!
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Morgue unregistered
#1   11 Feb 2000
The map is good, could be a litle better, but at all is a nice map.
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