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The Ring of Bone
--------------------------------------------------------------- *************************************************************** Project Name: "The Ring of Bone" Deathmatch level for Quake 3 Arena by Carson Utz (Riscchip) Files: Riscq3dm1.zip / Riscq3dm1.pk3 / Riscq3dm1.txt Home Page: www.riscchip.com Work Web Sites: www.princeofpersia3d.com www.mindscape.com Email: **email removed** Version: January 20, 2000 *************************************************************** --------------------------------------------------------------- **ADDITIONAL CREDIT** * RUST -- Game design paradise: www.gamedesign.net * ID Software * Beta testers--thanx for the help. Special Thanx: * PC Gamer Magazine, for including past work on their monthly CD. * Red Orb Entertainment & SSI (my fabulous co-workers). * Walnut Creek CD ROM / ftp.cdrom.com **ALSO BY THE AUTHOR** QUAKE 2 SINGLE PLAYER: * "What the End is For" / Risc1.zip * "The Widening Gyre" / Risc2.zip Download at: www.riscchip.com QUAKE 2 DEATHMATCH: * "Inferiority Complexx" / riscdm1.zip Download at: www.riscchip.com PRINCE OF PERSIA 3D: * Official Interactive Demo / "Palace3D" Download at: www.princeofpersia3d.com * Official Game Levels: "Palace 3," "Palace 4," "Rooftops," & "Moontemple." Available only in the full retail version of Prince of Persia 3D. **GAMEPLAY INFO** Spawpoints: 12 Ideal For: 6-12 Players Single Player: Yes; Fully Optimized for bots **BUILD INFO** Build Time: 60 hours Utilities Used: Q3Radiant 181 Brushcount: 1777 Entity Count: 910 Build Machine: P3 450 / 256 RAM Final Compile Machine: P3 450 / 256 RAM BSP: 14 sec VIS: 30 min RAD: 2 hr, 23 min Known Bugs: None **INSTALLATION** --Open the Quake 3 Arena directory (or whatever folder you installed Quake 3 to). --Extract riscq3dm1.zip into your baseq3 directory. --Launch Quake 3 as usual. --Bring down the console (~). --At the console, type "map riscq3dm1" then hit tab, then enter. --To add bots, at the console type "addbot botname" where botname = whatever bot you want (Klesk, Daemia, Hunter, etc.), then hit tab, then enter. **NOTES** *I recommend no less than 5 bots--I play with exactly five, myself. I recommend no more than 12 players total. *I had to include the femhead.md3, as well as the textures that go with it for folks who don't have qeradiant 181 installed on their systems (most Quake 3 users, probably). *R_speeds are well under the 10,000 - 12,000 limits prescribed at RUST. They don't even reach 9,000 anywhere, and are on par with ID's. Mostly, they are about 5,000. The texture load is also very reasonable. *I know that ID made most of their levels very bright and evenly lit; this can be cool, but I prefer contrast and shadow--I like things a bit moodier (if you've seen any of my Prince of Persia 3D levels, you'll know what I mean). I know the level is dark. Play this level in a dark room for the best effect. *I've added a music track to the worldspawn, but my recommended listening for this map is "Home Nucleonics" by Strapping Young Lad. If you like loud and chaotic metal, I recommend picking up anything by these guys. Anyway. Have fun. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you're running this map on a server--you're more than welcome to kick my ass. **COPYRIGHT/PERMISSIONS** "The Ring of Bone" is Copyright (c) 2000 by Carson A. Utz. Quake 3 Arena is Copyright (c) 1999 by ID Software Inc. All rights reserved. The Quake 3 Arena logo and likenesses are trademarks of ID Software Inc. All artwork including 3D models, textures, and skins is the exclusive property of ID software. You may distribute this map on the internet, on a network or other electronic medium where it can be obtained for FREE, but only as long as it is distributed in the riscq3dm1.zip file ALONG WITH this .txt file (riscq3dm1.txt). You may NOT remove the .pk3 file and distribute it alone--the map and this .txt must go together. In addition, this .txt file must remain unaltered when distributed. You may not remove any of the files from the .pk3 file unless it is for personal use and not to be distributed. You may not alter the .pk3 file or any of its contents. If you wanna put this on a magazine CD, great, but you must first obtain from me HANDWRITTEN permission. Just email me with an address and I'll mail you the permission form. You should also send me a free copy of the magazine issue with which the CD is packaged. You may NOT use this map as a base for building other maps. You may NOT convert this .bsp file into a .map file or reverse engineer it in any way. "The Ring of Bone" is in no way affiliated with my employers: Red Orb Entertainment, Mindscape, The Learning Company or Mattel Interactive. Play nice, --Risc
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