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Foghorn's Revenge
Foghorn's Revenge by johnboy
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Takkie Rep. 1598
#1   16 days ago
A map without comments and a 0.8 score intrigued me a bit. And I must say the review is spot on. It is easy to skip. Dull and lighting is bla bla bla but OK. This is Johnboy's first map and while it lacks a lot of things i've seen much worse. The use of colours is somewhat original, futuristic gothic, as Johnboy stated, there is a secret room (well sort of secret) and while some area's are very unpolished there are others that show a little more experience with the editor. Building this map means that johnboy learned some stuff and used it not incorrectly. I can imagine there have been test maps (rooms) before this map that Johnboy (wisely) didn't release. For a first map in 2001 it seems a bit harsh this map didn't get ay comments. It deserved a bit more maybe if it was worse it got more attention....
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