Threewave Compilation Pak1
Threewave Compilation Pak1 by Various
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Tig Rep. 1652
#23   08 Jan 2013
@Stick Man: No, because the readme file says the pack is called: "Threewave Compilation Pak1".

I do agree about the screenshots, but videos take a lot more time, which I do not currently have :[

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Stick Man unregistered
#22   07 Jan 2013
Shouldn't the title be called "Threewave - q3wpak0"? In the rest 3wave map packs, that's how is called. And a new screenshot + a preview video would be nice.
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Eeatha unregistered
#21   24 May 2001
The maps where highly polishes, and very professional, and I think it was very daring to have a non-symmetric map in such a pack.

I would only crticise the originality of some maps... The item placements and layouts for some are not really very different from the first q3wctf map pack.

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Neotic unregistered
#20   21 May 2001
ROFLMAO, someone took me seriously. 8 )

I was just j/k with that 'Various' comment.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#19   21 May 2001
try this URL if you have problems with the one below

or this one if you know what a .sv file is

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Fender unregistered
#18   21 May 2001
If you want to fix the powerup behavior with q3wcp2 and q3wcp3 under TA, visit Nice map pack.
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not entered unregistered
#17   20 May 2001
various are more than 1 person. I could be 10 different people from threewave.
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Neotic unregistered
#16   20 May 2001
Who is this Various guy, and how does he make some many maps!?
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sYnna unregistered
#15   20 May 2001
This is a great map pack, very enjoyable. The maps in it that I have played previously are improved, in looks at any rate.

I wonder how long we'll have to wait for the next release from Threewave.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#14   19 May 2001
A few of Johnny Laws level on ..::LvL can be found here;
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xfoo unregistered
#13   19 May 2001
Johnny Law is one of the best mappers out there imo.
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cowgaR unregistered
#12   19 May 2001
Every comment, every post, Johny Law, takes to host...

Hey man, r u crazy? whow u do that? I am not a mapper, but are u?

Cos u'r everywhere on mapping stuff,....I wonder...U must have quality maps/or reviews

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Cornelius unregistered
#11   19 May 2001
The maps will also work with CCTF...they have all the rune spawns and such. The full functionality of the maps (gametype-specific weapon placement, etc.) won't take effect until id releases the new patch.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#10   18 May 2001
Not Happy: try the following at the console;

g_gametype 4

map q3wxs1

This will load up the bonus level

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#9   18 May 2001
I must apologise to Threewave and all the mappers involved with this release. I only played the levels in Team Arena and was wondering why the pk3 wanted to be placed in the /baseq3/ folder (this should have been enough!). This is why I did not mention anything about the pack working with Q3A without Team Arena.

This map pack DOES work in both Q3A and Team Arena, with or without the Team Arena add-on.

I am sorry about not mentioning this in the original post. This had now been fixed.

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Not Happy unregistered
#8   18 May 2001
there is no bonus map in your dl
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Scancode unregistered
#7   18 May 2001
These maps also work in Baseq3 CTF aswell as the Team Arena add-on.
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Teknoice unregistered
#6   18 May 2001
The maps are the best of the best.

BTW this pak is for Q3CTF too. Not just Q3TA.

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topo unregistered
#5   18 May 2001
yeah... jl's right. these are vanilla ctf levels that are compatible with team arena, cctf, etc.

amazing pak. happy to see it finally out!

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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   18 May 2001
Oops... I got cause and effect mixed up. I should be blaming you for the PQ news instead of vice versa. :-)

Anyway that's enough about that. Did I mention these are neat maps?

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   18 May 2001
Oh, I see what the deal is... the PlanetQuake front page news misreported it. Gah. I hope that doesn't affect these maps getting onto Q3CTF servers.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#2   18 May 2001
These will be cool TA maps once the Point Release is out... until then there are some item problems.

Really though they are first and foremost Q3CTF maps, I'm a bit surprised to see them categorized as TA maps and Q3CTF not even mentioned. (?)

Anyway a mix of good and great maps, every Q3CTF and TA player should get em.

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Eggman unregistered
#1   18 May 2001
Congrats to all involved. Every map in here is of the highest quality. Can't wait to see these on servers.

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