Threewave Compilation Pak1
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Thank you for purchasing the Threewave Compilation Pak1 for
Quake III Arena, and Quake III: Team Arena.
We're sure that you and your family will enjoy this fine Capture the Flag
product for years to come. If at any time you are dissatisfied with these
Capture the Flag levels, simply delete them for a full refund.

By following our easy to assemble instructions you will be enjoying
this Capture the Flag product in no time. Before beginning assembly,
look over the contents list to ensure that your Threewave
Compilation Pak 1 has all the required parts.


q3wcp1 - Japanese Castles by g1zm0
q3wcp2 - Cold Crossings by Scancode + Slash
q3wcp3 - Hot Crossings by Scancode
q3wcp4 - Schadenfreude by Cornelius
q3wcp5 - ShiNNing Forces by Crewmaac
q3wcp6 - Devolved CTF by Mexx
q3wcp7 - Dynatron by NedMan
q3wcp8 - Harsh Grounds by Beefster

Bonus xs level:

q3wxs1 - Silly Railings by Scancode

These Capture the Flag levels are a compilation of the hard work
of many designers from around the Internet.
While many of these levels also exist as seperate downloads,
they have been improved and brought together in this package.

The following people contributed to this Capture the Flag product.


Casey - Lead Designer
Dekard - Artist
DD - Level Designer
Kilderean - Programmer
Pluto - Artist
Scancode - Level Designer
SLUDGE - Programmer
Whiplash - Artist
Zoid - Programmer, Founder

Special Thanks and then some:
Paul Jaquays, Mr Elusive, Robert Duffy, id Software, 155&Rising,
djBob of BobTools ( )

Beta Tasters:
44|Minotaur, Bjorn, blahzay, Blankz, blue Acid, Carla, chillin, Dakota,
Darth, DD, Deltan, DieharD, DizZarD, gitch, Gryz, HAL9000, Hellchick,
Hrewty, jarhead, EggMan, Kauffee, Lloydm, Lynx, Merton, Nufan, Onethumb,
Propag, Publis, Redwood, Seismo, slash, Tactic, Warmonger.

Playing Capture the Flag will result in death, injury or property damage.
We are not responsible for loss of employment, motivation, marital disruption,
monitor stains, health degradation, hair loss, repetitive stress injury,
musculoskeletal disorders, or any other problems that may result from
overexposure to Capture the Flag. You should consult your physician before
playing Capture the Flag or engaging in any strenuous activity.
Some Capture the Flag players may experience side effects such as an
increased need to urinate while you have the flag, upgrade obsession disorder,
or selective spousal memory loss while playing. In a controlled study,
the need to urinate was only 20% greater than players whose flag was replaced
with a placebo. Selective spousal memory loss was only 1% greater than players
who didn't play Capture the Flag. Some levels require additional assembly
and should not be used by children under the age of 12 without the constant
supervision of an adult. Safety equipment should be worn at all times while
playing Capture the Flag, and warm up exercises should be performed for at
least fifteen minutes before logging onto a public Capture the Flag server.
Failure to follow any of these warnings will result in serious injury.
If you experience any form of injury or discomfort while playing
Capture the Flag you should report this problem to a qualified medical
practitioner immediately. Levels are not exactly as shown, and may vary
in your area. We cannot guarantee security or privacy of any commands,
messages or packets sent over the Internet to game servers.
Do not send any sensitive data through this medium that you would not
want seen by outside parties.
Please have a nice day, and enjoy playing Capture the Flag.

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions / That Stuff
Copyright 2001 Threewave and all the individual authors
whose work appears in this package. All rights reserved.
Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional
levels without the explicit permission of the individual authors.

These level is not made by or supported by id Software.
It requires a registered version
of QUAKE III ARENA and Quake III: Team Arena

These compiled .bsp files may *NOT* be decompiled or reverse
engineered for any purpose whatsoever.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

Quake III: Team Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

Companies or services that derive income through player fees,
memberships, hourly charges or in-game advertising revenue
may not host these levels on their game servers without prior
written permission.

This package may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN

/// Casey