Lava Fetish
Lava Fetish by Gleeb
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#6   22 Jun 2012
@pizza man: Screw you. I'm downloading it anyway. :P
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LuigiFan64 unregistered
#5   18 Jun 2012
Really, pizza man?

  1. Of course it's full of lava, you were the guy who searched this and the title is called "lava fetish."
  2. What's wrong with lava? It adds challenge.
Anyway, great map!
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pizza man unregistered
#4   21 May 2012
wtf is this map? it sucks so bad. full of lava. don't download it!!!
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gooball Rep. 1081
#3   05 Sep 2011
Overuse of patches. 8/10
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Gleeb unregistered
#2   24 May 2001
You have a problem with jumppads? I thought you loved them. Just wait till my Q3F level is out :)
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CatwalK unregistered
#1   23 May 2001
Look at these jump pads all over the place - not bad for a start Gleeb :).

I can not do any map myself :(.

Next time you will show them what you really can!

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