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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4261
#9   20 Jul 2019
I like the suggestion by Kyall to play this in Freezetag. I can see how this would really give structure to the way players use the map. I'm gonna give this a go. Aesthetically, I didn't mind it as an experimental map. The trick with these kind of levels though is always to offset the idea with some features that help game play. if only the author had tweaked the gravity settings to make it as easy to get up as they did to go down, this might have discouraged the rapid free falls.
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Kyall Rep. 242
#8   11 Mar 2012
This is such a fun map! It is a lot more fun than the screenshot makes it look like. Ever wanted to fall about 8 storeys and not take any damage from hitting the bottom? It is so good because although it may look like it, there is no such thing as the "wrong place" in this map. You cannot jump of the sides, neither can you fall into the abyss. You can fall into what seems like the wrong place, but it only teleports you back to the top where you may keep falling again if you please. Though it may not have a unique skybox or grand textures, the gameplay is excellent! Best played with 12 players, and possibly Excessive Plus, or even better, Freeze Tag. With bots, you can have fun watching them attempt to fall and get a bonus, and end up failing and just teleport back to the top, or you could play with 12 human players, and have some extreme fun! So many different techniques can be used, such as camping, spawn killing, or even free falling just for the fun of it. 10/10.
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The Loader unregistered
#7   28 Aug 2001
what a fun running around and of course falling down. The more players the better :)

simple but just funny a 9 just for it

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Speedy unregistered
#6   15 Aug 2001
nothing original

been done in q1

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FierceKnight unregistered
#5   26 May 2001
Very creative map. Love the falling. I haven't ever seen a map like this before, and it's kinda good to see wide open spaces in Quake 3. Also, this map has excellent framerates for it's size. I give it a 9 (would have given a 10 if the bots played smarter, but it's still a very good map and it's still fun with lots of bots).
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Thanatos unregistered
#4   25 May 2001
I haven't tried it yet, but I'd bet this level would go great with the Corkscrew mod. It has a lot in common with Munyul Verminard's MVDM03 (aka Zero Cube74).
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Halx unregistered
#3   25 May 2001
Nice map really funny. It feels great to fall !
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GuitarMan unregistered
#2   22 May 2001
Original concept...

Great fun with all those bots falling all the time; just be sure to load as many of them as you can!

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... unregistered
#1   22 May 2001
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