Space BattleGround
by Qd
Space BattleGround by Qd
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Octovus unregistered
#5   10 Jan 2002
Hum. I see the point of whoever put a link to this from }{ammer's latest...however, this map is hardly a patent on two accelpads per side and a bridge, so that changes nothing about Orbital Rampage for me.
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ZR unregistered
#4   24 Jun 2001
Very good map, but the railgun should be above the bridge, not below.
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#3   25 May 2001
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The Hubster unregistered
#2   25 May 2001
I'm not a fan of user-made space maps (Flying Plutonians did nothing for me), but I like Q3DM17 a lot, I like Q3DM16 a lot.

I must admit that i had a niggling feeling to download this map and check it out, and to be honest...

... I have been THRASHING it.

This level rocks. It's a real barrage of fun, and isn't an over-complicated mess like some maps can be.

I like the simplicity of the layout - it's straightforward "fight for the RG" style of gameplay, with a no bullshit factor in place.

It's no Dm17, on't get me wrong, but this map is probably the only usermade space map I will keep on my hard-drive. The gameplay is great, and I found myself laughing on a number of occasions.

Not a map for serious duelling or anything, but a real keeper for serious FUN.

Good work Samael, I look forward to seeing your next space map.


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martin unregistered
#1   23 May 2001
seems nicely made (exactly in the style of dm17) but its all a bit "end to end" for me. you feel like you're doing a circuit.

agree on the jump pad/teleporter being tight.

how often does that BS spawn? could be wrong but it seemed very frequent

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