Jump by Spank
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borgsy2 Rep. 12
#34   10 Jun 2016
amazing map!
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MrG{DRGN} unregistered
#33   09 Nov 2001
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Karnak{TCA} unregistered
#32   09 Nov 2001
This map will definitely keep you on the edge. A little hard to master for newbies, but a great break from the usual boxed map.
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Sound_Man unregistered
#31   07 Nov 2001
Very fast space map that is a superb recreation of the q2 jump map. It is being used extensivly with the alpha testing of the q3Chaos mod.
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Wakeem! unregistered
#30   15 Sep 2001
This map sux so much! The platforms are so thin, adn no flow at all. This is one very bad map
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SlingBlade[TnT] unregistered
#29   14 Sep 2001
That map rocks like it did in Q2 Chaos
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weasy unregistered
#28   14 Sep 2001
Love it
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Sound_Man unregistered
#27   14 Sep 2001
Awasome map in q2 and now in q3
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InfamousMaddfragger unregistered
#26   10 Sep 2001
the best map ever for quake2 is now resurrected for quake3
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Hawk[TNT] unregistered
#25   09 Sep 2001
This map is a good idea, good design, and the fun factory is great.
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Halx unregistered
#24   10 Jun 2001
Good idea but really bad design work. The sky box is awfully disturbing, the design is really poor. Big disapointment !
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Spank unregistered
#23   13 May 2001
"from the screenshot"?

Just play it Johnny, just play it.

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Johnny unregistered
#22   13 May 2001
I find it hard to believe that this map can be sitting at #1 in the top 10. No offense to whoever did the original, but I can tell from the screenshot that it isn't very good. thin platforms, really dark, practically zero detailing, overly simple layout. About all I can see that this map has going for it is the skybox...

Again, no offense to anyone, but I can't stand to see a map that isn't even original sitting above such objects of mapping perfection as corioilis storm and addict.

  • John
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Jake Cage{TCA} unregistered
#21   12 May 2001
This map provides the excitement that a lot of the others don't. It provides hours of fun and the graphics and skybox are truly amazing. The Q3 remake is 10 times better than the original due to the lighting effects and it also provides smooth play.
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PhishB8{MOO} unregistered
#20   12 May 2001
Hours of fun! This map never get boring no matter if you are playing the Q2 original or the Q3 remake!
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FusionAddict unregistered
#19   12 May 2001
Simply bitchin'...

Awesome job!

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Maverick[TnT] unregistered
#18   12 May 2001
Space maps are cool!!! Like the map spank will work great with ChaosArena when they release it. hope to see more maps for ChaosArena in the spot light.
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Rimshot unregistered
#17   11 May 2001
I love the big open mouth you run into and the Chaos Billboard with the flames, This was also one of those maps I hated, but grew to love...

Hope the MOD is finished soon, I would like to take this one with me to Quake-Con 2k1

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Spank unregistered
#16   11 May 2001
It has come to my attention that because of a patch from id... the rocket jump has been slightly nerfed. This makes it to where players CANNOT rocketjump to Campers Heaven... ChaosArena mod will have a gravbelt and real physics grapple that will allow access to Campers Heaven soon. Sorry about that guys. =/

Thanks again for all the positive comments and votes. =)

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SPA unregistered
#15   08 May 2001
Spank did the first map for our still-not-finished-but-again-restarted mod ChaosArena, and it even pushed the mood of Nat's original map once more! I can't wait to honor this map again once we release a first map package with this one as the "DM1" ;) Great work, Spank... even greater cause as far as I remeber it was even your first Q3 map, and it hit straight bullseye!!
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SyBorg unregistered
#14   05 May 2001
This map's provided sleepless nights to all the CHAOS Mod players.

A must have ! 8)

  • SyBorg gets back to the wrong place
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Kirin[polycount] unregistered
#13   04 May 2001
I really like this space map. The skybox is awesome and great eyecandy ... it's also easy on my low-end machine ... it's quite fast when you put a lot of people in it, but I would end up falling off more. -.^ ... I guess that's why it's called Jump ... kinda like having the habit of Jumping off the map. -_^

Can't wait for ChaosArena to come out! ^.^

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miggy unregistered
#12   04 May 2001
SUPPPPPP :).pretty pimp map
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Cappa unregistered
#11   03 May 2001
Nice remake Spank :). Always liked this map, so to Nat and Spank cheers.
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not entered unregistered
#10   03 May 2001
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Gunner6 unregistered
#9   03 May 2001
Wonderful! I am so glad to see Jump in a Q3 format. It does play different in Q3 but the layout creates great strategy in team play just like it did in Q2. Me and my friends are having a great time reminising over our favorite Chaos map! Thanks Spank... u da man!
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Spank unregistered
#8   03 May 2001
Wow, glad to see a positive respose to the map here =]. Jump was my fav Q2 map so i had to have it in Q3. ChaosArena mod is coming one day and the map will make much more sense then. You CAN get to campers heaven now but it aint easy... requires perfect RJ.
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eidolon unregistered
#7   03 May 2001
lol--yes it is a bit hard to stay on---harder for the bots though :). This map plays very differently in regular Q3: try it with the Requiem or Ultra or Powerweapons mods, something with Jumping Boots or AntiGrav Belt (oh, and a fast Grapple, lol) for just a taste of what Chaos Arena will be like :).

I really disliked this map when I first started playing Q2 Chaos, seemed way too hazardous---now it's one of my favorites.

Very cool for floating Rail battles.

Thanks Spank & Nat---can't wait to see your next.


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Arya unregistered
#6   02 May 2001
It's a bit hard to stay on the map personally ... but my friends and I had a wonderful time on this space map on our LAN. I like to rail my buddies off sometimes ... but that's one reason why they call me a Jester! ;)
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Sure Shot unregistered
#5   02 May 2001
Get this map!! it ROCKS :)
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[Vorpal] unregistered
#4   02 May 2001
The dreaded Jump map ;)

Very cool though, it's the first space map (that I) know of.

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nat unregistered
#3   30 Apr 2001
hmmm thats becouse it was a remake of my map jump almost exactly... the platforms where thin in q2 but seem even more so in q3 also the map was made for the chaos dm mod where there where items like an anti grave belt and a jetpack and stuff all in all thow i like the remake
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#2   29 Apr 2001
Nice concept, but the platforms are way too tight...
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ZEBIO unregistered
#1   29 Apr 2001
I just LOVE those space Games!


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