Jump by Spank

A rebuild of the Quake 2 Chaos level Jump (original version by Nat). The level consists of 4 small space levels connected by teleporters. The skybox is first thing you will notice (unless you have fastsky on), its just amazing. A huge space station with bright lights sets a strong theme for the level, possibly a little too busy and distracting. The level has a few minor technical problems with the brush work but this is nothing to worry about. Game play is a love or hate emotion on this one with some people finding it a little frustrating trying to find the action while others really enjoying flow of action. Best played with 5 or more players. Bots do have a few problems with suicide.

You will either it keep it or hit delete.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (149 votes)

Download: Jump by Spank