T I T A N S (Classic Edition)
T I T A N S (Classic Edition) by Johnny Law
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raspatan Rep. 4064
#7   21 Oct 2020
So long I yearned for playing this map online. Never did and I'm sure will never do. It's clearly not the best CTF map ever, not even optimised for competitive gaming, but it so beautiful and cool.
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+JuggerNaut+ unregistered
#6   09 Dec 2004
Still one of my favorite top 10 maps of all time. Epic in size and with enough people (or bots), great fun and a visual treat. Thanks Johnny for some good memories on this one.

Download this one, kids.

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MingYan unregistered
#5   25 Aug 2001

A very beautiful and Greece style map.

I think that this is the best Q3 map.


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Stinky unregistered
#4   09 Jul 2001
For some strange reason, this map feels like Vegas. It feels like a neon Egypt. Don't take this as an insult, because it's actually a compliment. I have a LAN so it's quite fun with a large group of players, but would suck with a small group. Bots handle this map okay.

I love the eye candy of the map, and it's one of the best eye candy maps I've ever seen. Plus, it's fun to play. Whatever you do though, don't host this map on a slow machine.

Thanks Johnny Law for a d* good map. :-)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   04 May 2001
I agree it's too big for Q3CTF, as the readme says. :-) It's meant for grapple mods, and I'd also like to see how it works in Pro Mode.

If anyone wants to play it in Q3CTF though that's certainly fine with me, it's completely functional that way (grapple isn't required to get places).

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not entered unregistered
#2   29 Apr 2001
This map is just awesome. It has exellent texture. Great Design and Some Neato Affects. When I Get Q3A Ill Be Sure To Grab Thia One.
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SuBa unregistered
#1   19 Apr 2001
Pretty, excellent effects, but it's just way too big, which is a flaw with most TA maps. CTF authors should look at the size of the most popular CTF map by far: q3wctf2, and use that as a guide. Kinda reminds me a bit of Temple.
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