T I T A N S (TA Edition)
T I T A N S (TA Edition) by Johnny Law
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FooL unregistered
#6   21 Apr 2001
I don't know about bots...that kind of bugs me too. But I use the Klesk model and sound. Not sure what I did to use it though. I kind of had the same problem at first. Probably just edit your .cfg for TA. Also SCTA (Super Configurable TA) will help you change a lot of stuff.
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Pogo unregistered
#5   20 Apr 2001
I play the classic version rather than the TA because I'm sick and tired of the same player sounds and body models of TA! I like the extra gametypes and weapons though... Does anyone know how to play using any body model and player sounds you wish while playing TA? Some server side variable?
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FooL unregistered
#4   16 Apr 2001
Amazingly balanced CTF map. Outstanding. I've been a CTF fan more than a DM/Tourney Fan for the longest. Makes you wonder where all of this talant was before the release of TA.

Top notch. Better than any ID CTF map ever made.

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LordSquart unregistered
#3   15 Apr 2001
Cool map man!

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unitool unregistered
#2   13 Apr 2001
go johnny, go! excellent work.
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hannibal unregistered
#1   13 Apr 2001
An amazing achievement. A complete entertainment package. The best out there for larger matches!
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