T I T A N S (TA Edition)
T I T A N S (TA Edition) by Johnny Law

A beautiful, fresh looking level with super smooth game flow. The game play is excellent with 5on5 games. With 2 or 3 defending and the others attacking you are in for some exciting encounters with sweaty palms and lots of shouting.

With great use of custom textures and excellent lighting the level has a very polished feel to it. There is nothing on this map that is out of place. Overload games are a little problematic for base defence, as attackers can hit the skull with relatively security from up high near the fountain. The defenders can get a few hits in with rockets and splash damage off the tight walls but it isn't quite enough. Naturally this encourages camping. That said, all game types are enjoyable especially CTF. Bot play is fine and they help to make the numbers up nicely.

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Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (23 votes)

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