Clavious by Hal9000
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5218
#12   10 Mar 2021
While all the TA game types are supported, my problem is this: the flag rooms are too open and simple to mount a sustained attack in overload, and the space style middle ground is too small (several narrow paths between portals) for harvester. A lot of action takes place in the middle when collecting harvests. In fact the proximity of the rg to the portal and the narrowness of this area makes it difficult to cross between bases generally. This could have been fixed by having a portal or two that could take you directly to the opposing team bases. I would have liked a starrier skybox for the bases. Landing straight onto kamikaze when exiting one of the portals can also be annoying. The terrain however does look beautiful.
Edited 15.85 minutes after the original posting.
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Pogo unregistered
#11   17 Apr 2001
Hey didn't Niel Armstrong already capture the flag in the 60's? I thought by 2001 we'd be looking for dark rectangular objects on the moon. Sorry, one's imagination starts to drift without bots to play!
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Pogo unregistered
#10   17 Apr 2001
As I approached the edge and looked down I noticed the moon. As I tip-toed further to get a better view gravity took a devastating effect. 'One giant leap for man, one small step for mankind'
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Microphone Joe unregistered
#9   14 Apr 2001
Thx for explaining that Hal.

Oh, and congrats on working with id, I wish I was as good as you.

*sniff, sniff I'll be alright

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Hal9000 unregistered
#8   14 Apr 2001
You have to bribe id Software to come up with a better solution to creating the bot reachability info.

I spent 3 days on this map trying every trick in the book to get the bots working flawlessly. However, because of the way in which the bots work, and how the bot file is created, they just will not work in this map.

The solution would be to design a terrain map, from the ground up, completely based around the bots.... which would lead to a rather dull, drab terrain map.

If you bear with me, I'll give you the technical low-down on what happened with this map:

Maps are broken into many smallish areas that the bots will use to compute their AI. On a regular indoor map, its easy, because you can forcibly create these areas and thus they are small and easy for the bots to navigate.

However, on larger maps, you have a problem where the areas are too large for the bots to process (this will cause either nasty pauses in the game while playing or a complete lockup). There are ways of breaking up huge areas into smaller ones; however, on this terrain map, despite trying many different division techniques, I still wound up with one area that was 10 times over the size limit. Result: lockup when you try to add bots.

If I do another terrain map, I'm going to try my best to work around these constraints. If it gets in the way of the actual gameplay of the map in general, I'm tossing out the bots again. They can really restrict what you can and can't do in a map. Bots like to see the map as a bunch of hollow boxes that are as smooth as possible from the inside. Terrain completely breaks this :)

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Agent J unregistered
#7   14 Apr 2001
Hal... My net connection sucks so where's the bot support m'man?! This map looks kewl, but its kinda lonley being the only one there.... Must... get... BOT support! Who do I have to bribe for that?:)
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Microphone Joe unregistered
#6   14 Apr 2001
I love Terrain Maps.

I'm downloading this right now.

Space Terrain?

Does NE 1 know where to get other Terrain maps?

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Hal9000 unregistered
#5   13 Apr 2001
Note, if you're having trouble getting the map to load up, make sure you're running LIGHTMAPS and not VERTEX lighting.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Nicholas unregistered
#4   13 Apr 2001

Wrong folder. Thank you...

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   13 Apr 2001
Nicholas: are you running this in Team Arena or standard Q3A?

Its a Team Arena level and needs to be extracted to your /missionpack/ folder.

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Nicholas unregistered
#2   13 Apr 2001
When I try to run it I'm missing 80% of the textures.

I have never encountered anything like this on any other map. Any ideas/suggestions/answers?

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Peak_Man unregistered
#1   13 Apr 2001
Give.... This... Map... Bot... Support....... Now.

Seriously, this is as good if not better than the terrain maps that came with TA (although, why no stars?). But I neeeed my bot support.

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