The Crucified Colony
The Crucified Colony by Charon
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raspatan Rep. 4279
#14   08 Oct 2020
It's quite fun but short of addictive. Nicely done teleports though!
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Anonymous unregistered
#13   01 Apr 2011
In my opinion this is Charon's best map by a long shot.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#12   04 Mar 2002
Oh yeah 9 from me.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#11   04 Mar 2002
NoLiMiT and 3FG20K, anything in paticular you didn't like? Just checking because sweeping comments about poor gameplay without isolating any specfic problems isn't the most constructive sort of feedback and doesn't help ppl decide whether they want to download the map. I really liked this, as with most of Charon's maps this one is great for duel. Bots play ok but, as I'm finding more and more with C's maps, they tend to get wasted because there's a decent ammount of strategy in this level. Flows quite nicely and I'm sure there's some tricks in there somewhere goes off to play some more. I'm keeping it :).
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NoLiMiT unregistered
#10   11 Jul 2001
I have to agree with BFG20K. The looks are decent but gameplay seriously sucks.
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Quebus unregistered
#9   10 May 2001
right up my alley - easy on the eyes, easy on the cycles, tough on opponents ;-)
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#8   13 Apr 2001
I don't beleaive that you have done your map in 3 days.
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Beelzeboob unregistered
#7   10 Apr 2001
Great stuff man!
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mR BaP unregistered
#6   09 Apr 2001
The guy does a major map again

charon Q3 map so far all play great. This is yet another example to the masses of excellence, plays a dream.bots play well. dl this if you like action. great placement of tools of the trade. action around the rl is phun.

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WarMachine unregistered
#5   08 Apr 2001
WOW great job by charon again, this is one sweet map looks great game play is just awesome smooth as, good good,i look forward to playing it with a human a nightmare but was a real blast,game play is nice and fast like the review said keeps you on the edge of your seat, download this baby,load her up chuck on 2 or 3 nightmare bots and sweet it out great fun, well done charon keep up the good work 9/10 for me. War... :)
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Microphone Joe unregistered
#4   08 Apr 2001
Okay, I haven't even downloaded this yet, but I have to call this a classic. Why? It's done by Charon.

I've played maps by Tigger-On and Gizm0 and bal someone (I love disinformation) But Charon is my favourite mapper, ever since the remake of the edge.

Charon if you're reading this, can you do a remake of the Main Gate (jail1)?

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#3   08 Apr 2001
These map was so cool.
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#2   08 Apr 2001
I do not like the gameplay of this level. The aesthetics are nice as is expected from Charon, but the gameplay is definitely lacking IMHO.


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Abbo unregistered
#1   08 Apr 2001
I grabbed this map when Charon announced the release @ qmap... All I could say was 'swwweeeet'... =)
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