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A Cold Wind
A Cold Wind by Requiem
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Mark unregistered
#8   16 Aug 2008
this map should be listed as a cpm tourney - it's just dripping with lovely jump opportunities and is alot of fun to play on.
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Hydra unregistered
#7   14 Apr 2001
I wonder if the author has ever heard of CLIP BRUSHES ?

There's loads of places in this map that needs em. this map went in my maps/average directory....

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Requiem unregistered
#6   12 Apr 2001
Lunaran ~ oops!!! :)

Thanks for the kind comments fellow quake brothers and sisters.

Any thoughts on the tournament aspect of the map? It was originally designed for 1v1 or even 2v2 :)

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Lunaran unregistered
#5   10 Apr 2001
Hey! Requiem! You included an 800x600 targa levelshot! It's 1.2 megs! Are you crazy or what?
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Lunaran unregistered
#4   10 Apr 2001
I really like this map. the open-walkway upper floor lends some pretty interesting gameplay, as do the cat-and-mouse back corridors. The way small buildings are piled up around the play space on top is pretty neat, too.


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StormShadow[NT] unregistered
#3   09 Apr 2001
Had an awful lot of fun playing it. The bots were actually challenging on this map!!! Not a point and shoot map, this one takes strategy. Good job, 8.
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nitin unregistered
#2   08 Apr 2001
nice map, lighting could have more contrast though.
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Peak_Man (NWD) unregistered
#1   08 Apr 2001
This map is * great.
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