Wasted Time
Wasted Time by Requiem (Alan Scott)
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#9   16 Aug 2008
Again another map from requiem that really wont be fully appreciated unless played in CPM - not a rocket arena fan (so cant really comment on the RA3 release) but as a rail arena for cpm this map stands on its own. all higher places can be reached by doublejumping off pipes and trim.
Edited: 16 Aug 2008 AEST
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Lun4t1c unregistered
#8   25 Nov 2001
Fantastic map! Smooth Play, Great For Rail Practice. i am in a CTF clan and cant wait for your CTF Map to be released.
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StormShadow[NT] unregistered
#7   09 Apr 2001
Now i get it. As a ra map it would do nicely, i didnt like it as a q3a map however. You should be able to get to the rail w/o hitting the slime. Maybe a small ledge that you could trick jump onto the rail platform? Just a suggestion.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#6   09 Apr 2001
I really like the map, great Q2 style!
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Requiem unregistered
#5   08 Apr 2001
Just to eliminate confusion, this map is to be released as a part of my upcoming RA3 map. Thus the whole "getting hurt to get higher" idea is rendered mute. It was just released in dm flavor to get feedback on general navigation and to point out any gross errors.

Thanks for trying it... even if you really don't like it.

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meister_glanz unregistered
#4   08 Apr 2001
i only play @ 640x480x16


my gfx card cant handle anything higher

(pos rage128)

oh and i don't really like this map...

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#3   08 Apr 2001
Why would I play any higher?

What advantage are you getting for playing at 1280x1024 besides bragging rights?

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Peak_Man unregistered
#2   08 Apr 2001
I certainly hope you don't play normally at 800x600.. because that's sick. I may only get an average of 50-80 fps, but 1280x1024 32bpp is worth it.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#1   08 Apr 2001
For what's there, it looks very cool. A bit dark, though. It would've been nice if the slime was giving off a bit of green light, so you could get some nice counter-light from it.

It's a bit odd that you have to jump into the slime to get to higher places. Outside of rocket-jumping, I'm not into getting hurt to advance in the terrain.

Also, on my 950/GeForce2DDR, I was averaging 80fps. In one area, I could get it to drop down to 72fps. (800x600x32/everything on)

I haven't tried it on my 400/TNT2, but I suspect it may chug just a bit.

Good work though.

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