misanthropy machine
misanthropy machine by neg!ke
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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 246
#7   18 Nov 2014
I wish there weren't so many dead ends on this map and better ways to get from place to place. There are some really neat ideas here, and the overall look is great, but the layout suffers somewhat.
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I think this map is great, but there could've been many more connected pathways. 8/10
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neg!ke unregistered
#5   09 Jul 2001
the revised version of 'misantrophy machine' was finished and released just now. check the update section@lvl or get it directly from my website: www.endzeit.cjb.net/
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rumritter unregistered
#4   05 Apr 2001
that was just the beginning ke,and i'm curious about the next map
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PRM unregistered
#3   31 Mar 2001
Heh, I found a nice bug in the map.

Jump for BFG and jump into one of the horns on the right. When you land on the horn your model will scream the "falling into the void" scream over and over and over. Hilarious.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   31 Mar 2001
Me too, I think it could be a great as you clear have a good understanding of how Q3R works
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eFDAT unregistered
#1   31 Mar 2001
Regarding that you had to test this map on a p133 - hmm - good work. I'm looking forward to your next map... ;)
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