misanthropy machine
title: misanthropy machine
file: mmachine.pk3
date: 01/24/2001
author: neg!ke
website: www.endzeit.cjb.net

description: my first map for q3a...
it seems almost impossible to sum up all the troubles
i encountered while creating this map - the most important
problem was most likely the fact that i started working
on 'mm' using a p133, i'm sure everybody can imagine what
this means: compiling and playtesting were the purest
tortures. besides all this, ideas and inspiration began
to drop away and disillusion came along, so i had to force
myself to continue working in the end.
'mm' is quite nice, but understandably i hardly had a chance
to keep performance in mind.

thanks to: ch(eFDAT), suicideking
<coke + fanta = spezi> ;)

play information

game type: ffa, team
bot file (aas): yes
new sounds: yes
new graphics: yes (just modified q3 textures, though)
new music: no
demo included: no


base: new map
editor: quest
brushes: 3817

build time: six months (due to a lack of inspiration)
compile time: about 40 mins

known bugs: bots don't go for mega health, red armor, bfg
some high r_speeds may occour on low-end machines (i didn't
mind performance this time, next time i will - i promise ;))


you're allowed to redistribute this level via electronic media such as internet,
and free of charge. any commercial use without a permission is prohibited. you
may freely use textures/shaders for your own maps as long as you give me a credit.