Lost in Space
Lost in Space by GuitarMan
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JoeBeamer Rep. 104
#11   15 Jun 2019
This is nothing like q2, this map is horrible
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2246
#10   19 Jun 2011
Very Quake 2 like.
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#9   30 Jun 2003
It's been a long time ,you didn't release any new map?
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GuitarMan unregistered
#8   09 Sep 2001
The Loader: I'll do some more, but definitely I WILL NOT release any more of my "mapping experiments" (like this one) again :)
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The Loader unregistered
#7   04 Sep 2001
I canĀ“t wait to see new work from ya guitarman :-) go on !!
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GuitarMan unregistered
#6   22 Apr 2001

Please do not take this map as a reference for my next levels :-)

They'll be different. And better.

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GuitarMan unregistered
#5   29 Mar 2001
Thanks GONAKILLYA! Of course this map is not a keeper (that is not what I wanted to do); I made it to learn how to use Q3Radiant.

Somebody had to like it, at least for a few games... :-)

Thanks again!

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#4   29 Mar 2001
I actually had fun playing this map. The layout forces you to watch where you're going and where you're about to land.

Don't worry about a shitty review, GuitarMan....nobody's first map is a keeper.

Keep on mappin' and thanx for your feedback on my maps.

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GuitarMan unregistered
#3   27 Mar 2001
What??? 263 d/loads??? People must be crazy if they download this freak I made... :-D

It's a promise: next level will be good!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   21 Mar 2001
it is a butt ugly space BOX map - this statment is more about aesthetics than technic. The level is full-vis, with lighting and a good framerate. Bots work on it, the is no .shader errors and there is an .arena file. Technically there is nothing wrong.

Layout, aesthetics and game play are another story however.

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Shambler unregistered
#1   20 Mar 2001
"Technically there is nothing wrong with the level"

WTF it is a butt ugly space BOX map, if the screenshot is at all representative, technically everything is wrong with this level!

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