The House Of The Desolate
The House Of The Desolate by Inflict
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#7   25 Nov 2010
I just noticed that this map was one of the official levels in the PS2 version of Quake III. Quite surprising really. Its a nice little map that plays okay, dont get me wrong, but Bullfrog / id shouldve chosen something else to put in Q3R, really. Including this was almost a random decision. Maybe Inflict worked for Bullfrog at some point? Im not sure.
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not entered unregistered
#6   07 May 2000
That screensot doesn't do it justice. A lovely map.
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[FM]D-Space unregistered
#5   20 Feb 2000
Much fun with 3 or 4 players

perfect for tourney games

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hmmm unregistered
#4   10 Feb 2000
I agree, most 1-1 servers, or myself when i play bots got the quad factor set to 1.
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0xide unregistered
#3   09 Feb 2000
Only llamas use quad in 1on1.

Why do ppl complain about cramped levels when dm4 is one of the most loved maps ever?

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Johnny unregistered
#2   09 Feb 2000
The layout was kinda haphazard and boring but the visuals are very nice.
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Shredder unregistered
#1   09 Feb 2000
This level did seem a bit cramped, which makes the addition of the quad pointless. If someone were to get the quad (in 1 on 1) they would dominate until killed (which is hard to do when they have megahealth and quad). Try it out. You know that you can never get a feel for the level until you download it.
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