One Night Stand
One Night Stand by smeghead
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hannibal unregistered
#31   04 Feb 2001

great job, still holds it own in 2001.

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Teppic unregistered
#30   31 Aug 2000
Excellent layout and gameplay in this map, specially 1 on 1.

I agree with the poster who said it's similar to Q1 maps.

Nice work Smeghead, this map's class.

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Donvan unregistered
#29   11 Jul 2000
Excellent map! Keep up the good work.
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deja-vu unregistered
#28   01 Jul 2000
i just played this map and had the strongest feeling of deja-vu. i KNOW i've played this before but for some reason i feel like it was in Q1. is this a remake? either that or i've downloaded before and just forgot about it somehow. it isn't in my q3 downloads directory where i keep every map i get though. very odd.

oh yeah, i really dig it btw. nice layout. i don't get the q2 refferences as it doesn't seem very q2'ish to me. more q1'ish. i didn't download many custom made q2 maps though so i'm just going by the retail maps. texturing might be somwehat similar i guess but thats it as far as i see.


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menace unregistered
#27   28 May 2000
I think it looks great, so far we have exactly ONE person who thinks it looks ugly...

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Hi-C unregistered
#26   25 Apr 2000
Fun, moody, imaginatively detailed, brilliantly laid out; this is one to keep returning to.
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Steinecke unregistered
#25   25 Apr 2000
Looks ugly, but lots of action.
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UniKuM unregistered
#24   18 Apr 2000
Great 1on1 map. Play it alot.
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Steinecke unregistered
#23   07 Apr 2000
Looks ugly.
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menace unregistered
#22   28 Feb 2000
Who cares if it's not dramatically different from a great Q1 or Q2 DM map? The layout is stellar, and the awesomly fun gameplay never goes out of style. Quite probably my favorite Q3 map, id or custom, to play on at the moment.

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Kaled unregistered
#21   20 Feb 2000
I played this map one-on-one for the first time tonight, and it was frickin awesome. I found it a little ownable for 1-1, but maybe that was just my opponent. Look forward to playing vs. more peeps. I've never seen such complexity of strategy and play in such a small map b4. Does anyone know where one can find IP's for non-id maps? arenaspy has severe difficulty locating many with any players on besides bots hwhoe pings are below 200.
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Tekneek unregistered
#20   14 Feb 2000
Yes it really could of been a great quake2 map but im really satisfied w/ this one..good layout weapons,health etc.. thanks for the nostalgia feeling w/ this one smeg =) this is a keeper...
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EvanTheMagicDog unregistered
#19   13 Feb 2000
I'm downloading this map right now, so ive never played it before. But hell! If its like a quake 2 map, ahhg LHOVE IT!!
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Sundown unregistered
#18   12 Feb 2000
Excellent small map. Gotta a Q2 smell all over it. Many small maps are either designed by Demons of Boredom, or good mappers who nevertheless decide to take a suck off the crack pipe before firin' up the level editor. Not this one! Keep 'em comin' smeg!
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Skin unregistered
#17   12 Feb 2000
I like this map alot!!! It kinda reminds me of some Q2 levels I saw. I loved them and this one is loved just as much if not more then the others. I feel bad that I didn't feel really inclined to get it from the screenie's since it is now one of my Fav's.
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RedFive unregistered
#16   11 Feb 2000
Iztok, this map shows up in your skirmish menu so you don't have to do any fancy console work. Another thing that might help, run your game with Pure Server OFF (type "/sv_pure 0" in the console, without quotation marks). Hope that helps you a bit
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Iztok unregistered
#15   11 Feb 2000
argh!! why won't custom maps load for me in q3!! i'm new to q3, i admit, but i've been into q1 for ages, and q2 as well. so why can't i load the damn maps?? unfknbelievable
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decomplicate unregistered
#14   10 Feb 2000
great job!
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AssBall unregistered
#13   09 Feb 2000
Thanks, but I just realized I was being a retard. I have had this map for about two weeks and didn't recognize it.

This map is extremely fun to play with about 4 people. Each room requires a unique strategy, and no two hallways are the same. I loved it. The weapons are as numerous as they should be and located right where they need to be.

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RedFive unregistered
#12   09 Feb 2000
Yes, it was my side doing all the weird schnoot. I seriously need a high-speed connection! OK, Finally got the map tried it, added bots and loved it !!! Really small without feeling claustrophobic, and no frils and hoopla to kill the framerate! If all new maps were this good, my girlfriend would gib me for playing Quake too much !!! :) Now I gotta check out more of your stuff... ah, the long minutes of dloading...
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smeghead unregistered
#11   09 Feb 2000

works for me. It looks like it's on your end :)

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RedFive unregistered
#10   09 Feb 2000
Oh, Smeghead, I tried your link and no go... Is it just me or is the web on the verge of Overload ???
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RedFive unregistered
#9   09 Feb 2000
PLZ Fileplanet, don't let me down now !!! My 56k modem feels more like a 300 BAUD !!!!!!
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smeghead unregistered
#8   09 Feb 2000
Mr. AssBall:

This is the http download link just incase fileplanet did this. :)

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AssBall unregistered
#7   09 Feb 2000
FilePlanet is fucking me here, is there an alternative url I can get this from?
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ozh unregistered
#6   09 Feb 2000
as for now, my favourite custom map. Reminds me of some Brutal Force and duel maps in Q2. Excellent.
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Lord Imric unregistered
#5   09 Feb 2000
This map, is nice. All new textures and a very good, and unique use of brushes and curves.

This map wont leave my collection for a good while.

A must have :]

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[PhD]Pressure unregistered
#4   09 Feb 2000
OMG this map rocks. Nice job smeghead.


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smeghead unregistered
#3   09 Feb 2000
hahaha..I forgot to take out the word "beta" all along the top of the text file... doh :)

Anyway, thanks for the comments and any others to come :)


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phen unregistered
#2   09 Feb 2000
This thing is great. Two rooms that hold most of the fights have rl and ra and the connections are twisty corridors in deep shadow. The shadows encourage people (ok, me) to keep to the main rooms where its more fun to play anyway. :)

Nice curves too.

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RedFive unregistered
#1   09 Feb 2000
This looks pretty interesting... looks like the drought has ended !!! C ya tonite after the dload !!!
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