Dangercity by M. Kupfer
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#40   07 Apr 2014
Amazing map, many rooms and great layout. I wish there weren't as many poster/ads on the walls.
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#39   07 Jan 2012
Plus i love the way you go through the telephone booth to teleport to the roof..
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#38   05 Jan 2012
Best city map ever played :).
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Someone unregistered
#37   26 Nov 2011
There's an instagib (railgun and instant kill) server that I always play on. It runs this map. So that's where they got it...
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Alexje60 Rep. 72
#36   22 Oct 2011
Nice map

But how do you go to the secret room with invisibility?
Edited: 22 Oct 2011 AEST

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jkno Rep. 32
#35   13 Feb 2011
I'd like some more city maps
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Colin unregistered
#34   17 Dec 2010
This is a Cool City map! i want morre City maps! i know!
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Anonymous unregistered
#33   22 Nov 2010
this is the best quake 3 map there is!
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SW12 unregistered
#32   30 May 2010
"Mc danger" was a funny.
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Anonymous unregistered
#31   03 Jun 2009
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Anonymous Cowherd unregistered
#30   25 Jun 2008
You know, that's what my cousin said when we went on a trip to Vancouver, Canada one time -- "The mountainous skybox feels at odds with the city theme". :)
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Ruslan unregistered
#29   29 Apr 2008
I am gamer
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not entered unregistered
#28   19 Jan 2005
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Verena unregistered
#27   26 Nov 2004
Im so satisfied because of the map!!! My boyfriend left me because I played to often

this game but I dont care, he couldnt be the

right one if he cant understand my love to the

map and my honest love to the creater: M. Kupfer.

I would love to meet this man. If anybody can help

me to contact him, please let me know. It`s so necessary for my life!!! Please help me,thanks!

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MaximumKarnage unregistered
#26   21 Aug 2004
Aww man, I LOVE this map! Its so sweet! Try playing this map with the Superheroes III mod, and give yourself grappling powers. theres just something satisfying about swinging from building to building shooting at the people down below :)
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Jacob Romano unregistered
#25   04 Jun 2003
Wow I really would like some of the textures you have in this map!!! If you could e-mail me some of them for my city map I would be very thankful! P.S. They have to be small enough to fit on floppy disks!
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not entered unregistered
#24   18 Sep 2002
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Bad Kitty unregistered
#23   20 Apr 2002
I love this map... easy to get weapons - great with 3-5 people... I wish the invisibility lasted longer! :-)
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alphaGen-X unregistered
#22   31 Mar 2002
Great. City maps are the best. quatrix u know? Great gameplay.

not so "unreal" like space maps.

Know the maps from ente? Padmaps? These are great!!!

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^Laguna77 unregistered
#21   17 Feb 2002
Best level i ever played download immediately!!!!

I like the dumpster secret =).

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Nickname floRis unregistered
#20   26 Jan 2002
allways liked his maps IM SERIUS! only i lost the site

is it still there?<-- post link here or..... eh no dont mail.

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E /- g |_ e unregistered
#19   23 Jan 2002
Nice Map
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Nitebeat unregistered
#18   27 Dec 2001
Oh city maps, city maps there aren't that many city maps on the net :(

Anyway, glad I had the opportunity to play this one (ssub is pretty nice as well)

Imho it's pretty pointless "flying" from roof to roof when almost all of the action takes places down below :)

Bots play fine. And yeah I agree with what Brian says, it should've switched to the machinegun.

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Brian unregistered
#17   17 Dec 2001
Great city map. Fight from the rooftops or go running through the streets. This is a top city street map. The only fault is when a weapon goes empty you automaticly go to the grapple hook which of course does you no good in a fire fight. Be sure to have a wheel mouse for this one or be quick on the number keys but otherwise this is one fun map to play. A must for people who like city stree maps.
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Stryder unregistered
#16   01 Nov 2001
goile map alter
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Ka|n unregistered
#15   25 Oct 2001
Very pretty map, is cool!! :)
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Lorman unregistered
#14   10 Jun 2001
This map is cool :-)
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shoes unregistered
#13   23 May 2001
Hey you need to move around in the box and it will take you to a secret room where you can obtain invisibility.
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not entered unregistered
#12   25 Apr 2001
Great map !! Love these as a pleasant change from the norm.. It's HUGE..

Love the monorail, should it be electrified ?

Yes -0nefragleft- I did find the secret room hidden in one of the large boxes in the street in this map.. I got a message you have 'found a secret place' (something like that anyway) and didn't think much more of it. You've got me thinking "have I missed something ?"

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Luc[I]feR unregistered
#11   24 Apr 2001
It looks great and everyone says its great so why on earth can't I d/l it?
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jon doe unregistered
#10   05 Apr 2001
This map is great!!! 11/10
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vincent unregistered
#9   18 Mar 2001
how can i send you my map ... ? please enswer me at : zizicrade@oreka.com :-)
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Cavernoso unregistered
#8   09 Mar 2001
-=TTR=- [T]ime [T]o [R]ails
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Featured Ripper unregistered
#7   06 Mar 2001
I like metro and miniatures less than space maps...usually. Grab a bunch -o- friends and NJOY BABY!
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Hydra unregistered
#6   05 Mar 2001
I really liked this map's design and nice little touches. Not played it, just loaded it up and thought "that's cool!"...

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s3b unregistered
#5   03 Mar 2001
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0nefragleft unregistered
#4   03 Mar 2001
hey did anyone find the secret room hidden in one of the large boxes in the street in this map? it has loads of M. kupfer's custom models in it
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0nefragleft unregistered
#3   03 Mar 2001
Nice map!Ran fast enough. Loved the grappling hook weapon that this map starts you with, and the rooftops. The monorail's cool too :-)
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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#2   01 Mar 2001
This map is sweet :)

plays great on a fast machine

a must downlaod :)

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Tymo unregistered
#1   01 Mar 2001
big and nice but on my machine a bit slow in parts. guys with fast hardware -> download it !
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