Mission:Control! by lobster
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Evan unregistered
#5   16 Mar 2001
Looks like some inspiration came from Homeworld!


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Featured Ripper unregistered
#4   06 Mar 2001
I really wish I liked space maps more. This one's waay cool, big, and roamy.
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Savage_Beagle unregistered
#3   06 Mar 2001
Great map. Looks very cool with the big planet above and the tall spire-like structures.

Has a pretty good balance between the frantic battles in the central area and the long range sniping.

Enjoying it a lot!


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Blitzz unregistered
#2   02 Mar 2001
I loved it!

Kinda reminded me of nunuk's space maps =)

Fun fragging, and I liked the building style =)

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micamica1217 unregistered
#1   01 Mar 2001
most space maps suck,not this one!

most of the action takes place around the RL and RG but the jumppads and teleporter get you in and out fast.

item placement is great and bots play like a dream.

nice shader fx,and skybox looks good here.

bots do go everywere so there was fun all over.

thanks lobster

looks 9

lay out 9

gameplay 8

bonus(played every day for past 5 days) 9

gave it a 9

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