Q3A Database
title: Mission:Control!
file: lobdm01.pk3
author: lobster
email address: **email removed**
description: Space Map

play information

tourney: no
deathmatch: 2-6
teamplay: yes
CTF: no
Bot File (aas): yes
new sounds: yes (background_drone1.wav and electricty.wav by Death2Uall)
new graphics: yes
new skybox: yes (jf-io_sky by Justin Fisher)
new music: no

Known bugs: Some textures are not aligned correctly.

Teamplay support was added but was notfully tested. It is not the main focus of this map.
Bots work, but again, they were not really what I was focusing on.
Thanks to Olivia for playtesting and support.

The skybox was made by Justin Fisher. The custom sounds are from Death2Uall.

- Death2Uall -
**email removed**

Justin Fisher
**email removed**

Context menu

For options and more

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