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Sin City
by Jon
Sin City by Jon
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#21   04 Jan 2012
A city based map :). Absolute Awesome!
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Kyall Rep. 212
#20   10 Dec 2011
Haha this map is heaps fun on Excessive Plus with real people. Fighting bots on it is pretty fun too. I like maps when you are in a city, there are good hiding places. 9/10
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Dutch unregistered
#19   25 Mar 2000
The missing textures (my biggest pet peev)really bothered me. Also the sniper advantage weighs too heavy.
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[NRD]10sun unregistered
#18   28 Feb 2000
Kudos to you Jon. This map is a keeper. I must say that the lighting could be worked on and that you shouldn't be able to rocket jump out of the level(there is a secret area that is fun to hide in lol), but I love this map and all of my friends do. It is a bit unfair when two good railers get up top and cooperate, but it sure was fun to do =).
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Nurgle unregistered
#17   24 Feb 2000
Sorry this is the thing I don't want to see in quake arena

It just doesn't fit ....

It's not that bad but boring

I've seen a conversion once of the classic quake map e1m4, called q2e1m4 and it was THE worst thing I've ever seen! Just used a program to convert everything and btw cyborgs in a medieval cave;....???????

I hope people understand what I'm trying to say. NOT to stick to a certain type of map, cause originality is very important. Guess I'm just more into the Gothic style quake3 maps.

OK so looks aren't everything, but hell they are very important!

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Grunt unregistered
#16   23 Feb 2000
I was on a LAN for a couple of weeks ago, then we played this map to SIN. It totally rocked. I just wanted to say that the original was better. It feels a little weird to play this map, maybe because the original was to SIN, dunno. I played this map for a while and didn't get the same feeling. It felt better with a sniper than a railgun. My suggestion is to remake this level, make it different at the most importnant part of all, make it bigger. It's really small (know the original is it too) That's why I'm looking for something new. Btw, sin mod? When will it be released and is it going to be just like sin or with some adds? Just wonna know. Anyway, this is a good map just follow the things I said it's gonna be even better. Cya!

The Swedish Grunt

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SpYDaH unregistered
#15   09 Feb 2000
I really enjoyed this map, Its so damn fun with lots of peepz

I played it with some of my friends 2 hours straight..its a 10 in my book

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ReSeTH unregistered
#14   09 Feb 2000
The map looked nice. Played nice also, but after 5 minutes it gets a little bit boring, because I think it's a small map.

Maybe a bigger version would be much more fun. The whole concept of buildings etc. rox!

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jon unregistered
#13   08 Feb 2000
btw this is a prerealease before sin mod comes out
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rdwarlock unregistered
#12   07 Feb 2000

nice remake of the map by sin, just the lighting
needs to be done in some spots but other than
that your map is a great conversion! i like how
you imported a dead game ;) into the quake 3
arena engine. tight man, keep the good work

- Jacob Wood

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#11   07 Feb 2000
This is kindof a half-assed conversion of a very cool map.

I would love to see *SOMEBODY* use this as inspiration for a map. (maybe I will after I'm done with my current map).

As it stands, this conversion is a wee-bit too sloppy to last too long on my HD.

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Slowtreme unregistered
#10   07 Feb 2000
Just a poor conversion. Map converter anyone? Hell the crane texture isn't even transparent, like it should have been, and that's built into the shader!

Jon, go back and finish the map. Resize the level for the Q3A player size. Lower the sunlight value, and include all the textures required. Then have someone other than you playtest it and try to make the weapons balanced.

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AssBall unregistered
#9   06 Feb 2000
No, I don't make maps. I am interested in learning how to make a map, but do not know how.

I play on maps. I imagine that most of your audience is comprised of people who PLAY. Playing experience is thus possibly more valuable to a map builder than building experience. If you don't value the input of map players as much as that of builders, then who are you making the maps for?

Just because I have never built a car doesn't mean I cannot tell the difference between a shitty one and a good one, as Grom points out with another analogy.

What does hearing about me "before" have to do with anything?

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Grom unregistered
#8   06 Feb 2000
Is it necessary to have made a map to be critical about other maps?

Is it necessary to have made a film to be a film critic?

Nope, didn't think so.

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Wondering? unregistered
#7   06 Feb 2000
Assball have you ever made a map? I have never heard of you before.
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jon unregistered
#6   06 Feb 2000
nuts to you people, then dont download railroad dm or sindm9 when they get posted !!!!!!!
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Flu unregistered
#5   06 Feb 2000
I never played sincity, but did play doom2map13, loved fragtown and hellcity for quake, loved duke3d and like this one a lot, sure has its improvement areas, but had a great time with the bots!!
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AssBall unregistered
#4   06 Feb 2000
Umm.. Yet another conversion that appears as if little or no effort was expended.

The lighting doesn't complement the structure at all. The building textures are pretty weak (the ones that actually had textures). Bots play like retards.

As far as gameplay is concerned, there should be less powerups, and a complementary rail gun on the ground level. This level is not really worth the download at all.

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not entered unregistered
#3   06 Feb 2000
This level sucks ass. if you want to play on SiN City, go play it in SiN instead. This lame conversion doesn't do the original justice.
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MEET-CEES unregistered
#2   06 Feb 2000



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eXecutiOner unregistered
#1   06 Feb 2000
loved the level in sin. in q3a it would have been better if there were better texturing
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