Simplified Demise
by miz
Simplified Demise by miz
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YooShin unregistered
#3   05 Feb 2001
Thanks Mandog & Tigger-oN for reviewing this humble map, although it was a little harsh, hehe. :)

But I do agree - it leaves a LOT to be desired. I've nothing to say other than my approach & skill were a bit outdated. Just think it's some basis for what will be come, although no one knows when my next map will be built.

And thanks pjw & Dagwit for enjoying this map. You know such feedbacks are what mappers on the net lives on. It was the most flattering compliment, that you guys had fun in this one.

I built this as a test & experiment for Q3A, back in Dec. 2000. And I had some fun with my friend in this map for a month - I think it was the most important thing. :)

Thanks again, you guys are simply coooooool.

YooShin Yang

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Dagwit unregistered
#2   05 Feb 2001
Yep, I had fun too.
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pjw unregistered
#1   04 Feb 2001
Hmmmn. I actually had a lot of fun on this map and thought it was pretty cool. Guess people have different opinions . . .

(7 out of 10)

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