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Blood Cage
Blood Cage by RainmanTD
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Mark unregistered
#4   10 Jul 2008
Rainman's maps are made with the room and walls for good old fashioned rocket jump, plasma climb and strafe fights. Anybody that fancies a bit of that will have a great time, and recognise the combination of these moves soon remove the initial simplicity of the maps. MH, RL, PG are all included and ideal for this purpose. The atmosphere is awsesome in all rainman's maps injecting the gothic style of the time with somely sorely needed class. The maps by this author i assume would be great for rocket Arena (not that they are set up for that). They are in all respects what Q3 should have been in the first place but was not.
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Rainman - TD unregistered
#3   18 Feb 2001
Finaly at least somebody noticed that gameplay is more important than brushwork (which, IMHO, ain't too bad also) =)
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Qu3BuS unregistered
#2   17 Feb 2001
simple or not, it's great for small games... sometimes its nice to play a map that doesn't try to be "the star of the show". gameplay comes to the forefront.
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J35us*PhrEak unregistered
#1   04 Feb 2001
..this map is simple but a blast to play. It has been on my clans server for quite a while....I love its simplicity...I use it for 1v1 and small ffa...too fun
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