Chill Factor
Chill Factor by Hal9000
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farguson unregistered
#14   31 Oct 2011
@This map is Distant Screams

no baby it ain't.

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This map is Distant Screams unregistered
#13   03 Oct 2010
Vegeta, What does a Scouter say about his power level?
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a player unregistered
#12   26 Apr 2006
hi,i like ur map but 1 fing is wrong with it. Its backround isnt working 4 me.
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Knight Lore''FC unregistered
#11   24 Apr 2001
Succesful generation AAS file for Chill Factor !

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Flame-box unregistered
#10   21 Apr 2001
Nice layout of weapons and items BUT! you forgot 1 important thing to me... A bot File! the textures are terrible wish you would come up with a bot file and a fixed version of the map.
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speedjack unregistered
#9   19 Feb 2001
If Hal9000 is reading this :- Do you have any plans to release a bot file, ? Its a great map - but a bot file would be the icing on the cake. One other general question... Why is this the only TA Map to be posted on LvL so far (bar the ID Map pack, obviously). Can no one be bothered to make them, or is just the maps you've had submitted so far are so poor that you don't post them ??? Just asking :-)
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Mr Do unregistered
#8   11 Feb 2001
Wish it had a bot file. Don't like to play against real people. Too hard :( Gorgeous map, though, with smooth frame rates. (p3 800eb, geforce sdr, Win2k). Does NOT show up in single player map choices :( Does show up in Q3A, though it's uglier than a home-made fence without the textures.
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antimatter unregistered
#7   23 Jan 2001
Uh...note to self: never play team arena maps in baseq3 :) But even WITH 95% of the textures gone, this is still an enjoyable map with experienced level design evident
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   22 Jan 2001
I was a bit surprised myself that the ".arena debacle" hadn't made any bigger impression on them. :-)

Of course, the StartServer menu in TA really provides all of the old functionality that was present in the Q3 Skirmish menu. You can select a map, the server rules, the bot distribution, etc., and then go. But I want to be able to use the new TA singleplayer functionality with custom maps! The default bot mix, the statistics and scoring at the end, stuff like that. Sigh.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   22 Jan 2001
Johnny Law and Hal9000: I would hate to think that ID had made yet another mistake as far as single player custom maps go. Maybe I was just hoping they would get it right this time without having to release yet another patch. How hard can it be to make a todo check list and have someone make sure custom map support is covered for all game types, from the menu, before releasing the game...
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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   21 Jan 2001
The StartServer selection menu is what Hal was referring to (I am 99% sure). I don't know how to get a map into the Singleplayer menu in TA; I'm not sure it's even possible at all. If someone can prove me wrong that would be cool...

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WaSp unregistered
#3   21 Jan 2001
nice LvL hal

I really like this map .

I havnt even begun to look at the terrain manual for TA :-)

considering you have released a TA map so early I think you did a good job ,geez....I still have the plastic shrink wrap on the floor next to my desk...thats how long I have had the mod :-)

yeah it needs a few tweaks.....but I still look forward to playing this with a few friends this weekend :-)

do another one...I dares ya !! :--p

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   20 Jan 2001
The extra 'l' has been removed (sorry abou that). And the I've tried again to find the map on the single player listing but what ever I've been smokin is still effecting me :]

Chill Factor does turn up on the 'Start a Server' menu however which is all that is required without a bot file.

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Hal9000 unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2001
(please note the one 'L' in my name! heh)

This map does show up in the selection menu, for all gametypes. Not sure what the LvL boys were smokin when they tried running the map :)

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