Zeist - The Coming
Zeist - The Coming by Karma
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#35   08 Feb 2015
Simple yet effective. And yes Karma after 14 years some people still play your map :)
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Karma unregistered
#34   22 Jul 2002
Should you want to seek me out for some obscure reason, the info in the readme is obsolete. Instead, you can reach me at eudaimic@binarybonsai.com or at my website www.binarybonsai.com/

Thanks :D

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Karma unregistered
#33   13 Jan 2002
Well I'll be damned! People DO come here!!

Good thing I know a little bit of german even ;)

Thanks for your kind comments, I'm flattered :D

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ExFF unregistered
#32   04 Jan 2002
Eine großartige Map. Ich denke eine der besten 1v1-Maps überhaupt. Sehr schnelles und gutes Gameplay.
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Karma unregistered
#31   24 Oct 2001
Well if anyone is reading this I'll be damned :)

It's been over a year since I last thought about this map, and I just realized that I've lost the source for it :(

I remember giving it to someone who wanted to do some rework of it, but I can't remember who it was.

If you read this and have the source, please mail it to me at eudaimic@hotmail.com -- thanks a lot!

(and 8.31 ... that's not bad :)

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Karma unregistered
#30   10 Jun 2000
I'd like to add, that the small 'white-dot' errors that can be seen in one end of the level is not an error from my side, but rather a problem with the way Quake3 handles CAULK textures.

I might release a fixed version at some point though :)

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Karma unregistered
#29   10 Jun 2000
Thanks :) Yeah there's another on the way, but in a different style. You can find it over at karma.gibworld.com when it's done, which should be late June 2000.
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Martin unregistered
#28   28 May 2000
This map is great. fast and furious dm where its your skill that counts. is there another on the way?
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Karma unregistered
#27   17 Apr 2000
I know, I'm working on it, but I'm very very busy these days. But it's coming!
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Steinecke unregistered
#26   10 Apr 2000
Has to be repaired!
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Lithium unregistered
#25   05 Apr 2000
We play this map at my work a lot and everyone seems to really enjoy it.
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Phage unregistered
#24   25 Mar 2000
It's about time this map got some recognition :)
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corben unregistered
#23   24 Mar 2000
Wow! This level is really really cool! Karma, you're the man!

I found the layout to be simplistic but still connected well enough to make it one of the best tournament levels I've played on for a long time, kudos for that!

I look forward to seeing your next map already, rock on!!

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Karma unregistered
#22   20 Mar 2000
If I can ever find the time to get my next project out the door I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, it's a good way of from the gothic feel of ZeistDM1.
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menace unregistered
#21   19 Mar 2000
very nicely constructed, but these symmetrical single-room open maps don't do much for me.

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Spank unregistered
#20   18 Mar 2000
Ya its small but I love the way you can work the health and armor. This map has helped me anticipate my oppenent alot better. Thanks Karma!

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Karma unregistered
#19   17 Mar 2000
Ain't that the truth!
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The_Janitor unregistered
#18   16 Mar 2000
I know for a fact that Karma wears pants almost every day.
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Karma unregistered
#17   16 Mar 2000
That's funny, and I thought one-celled lifeforms were all but extinct...
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[HABA] unregistered
#16   15 Mar 2000
aaaa ,aa ,aga aa ,aahaa he aha aga I FROM RUSSIA :)

its mAP FOR LAMERS, & Stuped USERs !

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#15   13 Mar 2000
How can you love this it's to small it's boring and well that's it no you don't pass my test for a good level 4
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Karma unregistered
#14   11 Mar 2000
Thanks guys, I really appreciate that. Hopefully somewhere in the near future I'll be able to find the time to pump out another one
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SunShine unregistered
#13   06 Mar 2000
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darkstar unregistered
#12   18 Feb 2000
This is a perfect Rocket Arena map. I play a ra mod and this is the default map. In my book, there is no higher honor than that.
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Karma unregistered
#11   14 Feb 2000
Thanks for the kind words you all. I dunno if anyone still reads this place, but if you're interested in me doing a version 1.1 with some of the known issues fixed, then mail me at karma@stofanet.dk
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Marine71 unregistered
#10   11 Feb 2000
3 words: That's the stuff!!!
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[SmF] GeeBee unregistered
#9   07 Feb 2000
This map rocks! This map is to DM maps what Q3A is to 3d shooters: PURE FAST and with a very basic solid feel.

I wish there would be more maps like this one! OH and about the missing railer? it wouldn´t fit in, especially not for bot fights -they are hard enough already!

This piece makes normal DM feel like Rocket Arena!!!


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Cornelius unregistered
#8   06 Feb 2000
This is a beautiful map...texture selection, lighting, the imposing architecture all convey a sense of size and strength. I noticed a few "sparklies" around some seams at the top of the main area. This may be due to lack of caulk textures behind some curves, or the game engine's inability to deal with large areas.

I thought a rail gun would have been well suited in this map, as it's difficult to hit someone with a rocket at long ranges. It is difficult to lose an opponent due to the open architecture, allowing for spawn fragging and overall domination once one player gets rolling. A bit more convolution in the layout would have been nice.

I'd like to see this map as the main area incorporated into a larger DM map...that would be sweet.

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Gila unregistered
#7   05 Feb 2000
I think this map rule.

That's it.

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56k BadAss unregistered
#6   03 Feb 2000
Like the textures.Nice layout. 2 many powerups and gameplay is jerky not a mapper so I dont know what causes it. Over all it was worth the download, but I dont think it willl stay on my hard drive very long.
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Redrum unregistered
#5   03 Feb 2000
I played this map at length this afternoon in our office. I think AssBall may be right in that it's fun map but once you've had a few 100 frag dm's it looses it's appeal a bit.

The flow is good but it is diffcult to hide/dodge unless you're playing against inexperienced players.

Just a few simple low walls or short buttresses would have been gr8.

I have to say as a general comment that not enough designers seem to provide objects to hide or crouch behind yet crouching is a very effective tactic - remember Duke Nuke'Em?

I managed to remove some of the white dots by setting High Quality Sky (I forget what the config string is for it)... hope this helps!

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Karma unregistered
#4   02 Feb 2000
Aih! I'm sorry about that one gues (the white dots), I tried to wipe them out, but I couldn't seem to find the real source... I'll see to it that it doesn't happen in my next map though.
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AssBall unregistered
#3   02 Feb 2000
As simple as this map is, it really seemed to screw my graphics in the ass... I found myself at less than 20 fps much of the time. I too had the dots on the seams. In addition, I really missed the rail and shotgun. The lightning duels were fun and lobbing grenades down into the main hall was great. Not quite a keeper, though.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   02 Feb 2000
The version I had (which is the version up for d/load) also had a few dots on the joins :[
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Redrum unregistered
#1   02 Feb 2000
1on1 is excellent on this map. Enough space to manoeuvre or run away. Good visibility and speed. It's hard to dominate.

It may be my version of the map but I've got quite a few vertical lines of white dots where the textures join and the roof has some joining problems. Anyone else seen this. I heard there may be 2 different versions out.

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