Hall Of Confusion
Hall Of Confusion by Kiltron
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Spank unregistered
#6   04 May 2000
I like the map as is. Play it alot. Ill erase this ver when final comes out.... til then I'm havin a blast with it :)
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Kiltron unregistered
#5   02 Feb 2000
It was fully vised, just no hint brushes were added. So that will definitely hender the Framrate. But I do appreciate the post and the review. But when The Mean Arena Q3A DM Pack is released, just after we finish Shattered Realm, then I'm sure you'll have a better review of the maps! As they will be complete! :)
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#4   02 Feb 2000
Thats exactly what i was thinking! Not a full vis
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Nitzylplick unregistered
#3   02 Feb 2000
Kiltron - You should be a little more clear that it is an unfinished map. IMHO a sample means this is what you can expect from the whole thing. Sort of like they give you a sample of some food so you know what it will taste like. If it ain't complete don't worry about the review then. That's all...
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Kiltron unregistered
#2   02 Feb 2000
Yeah, it's a sample map being clearly stated in the readme file, that isn't complete. A sample map for The Mean Arena Q3A DM Pack. Which I released to get feedback, not to be reviewed as a final released map, and be shot to shit. I'm aware of the fps problem. This was released that way for a reason. There are no hint brushes used. So while I test mapped it on a p120 which barely even runs q3a as it is, I was hoping to get some feedback of framerate in an open area map, with no hint brushes used.
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Bugbear unregistered
#1   02 Feb 2000
Great looking map.

However the reason for the extremely low FPS is simply cause this guy havent done a full visjob with it

That is a really BAD thing in my oppinion

Its not even playable with a geforce DDR card

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