The Edge
The Edge by Finko
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ric unregistered
#72   26 May 2018
Quake Live has it as Winters Edge with christmasy decorations, nice and fun with some wintery changes (eg, ice in lieu of water); and, another standard version as The Edge.
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#71   01 Feb 2012
This map is on Quake Live (but have better texturing). I don't tell you the name of map now, I forgot, sorry...
Edit: I think it's a winter map, christmas map (like Silent Night - conversion of mpterra2 - Distant Screams, but have this layout)...)
Edited: 03 Feb 2012 AEST
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#70   06 Jun 2011
This version of The Edge would have been perfect to me if it hadn't been for those jump pads. Plus the giant statue of Major.
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Hooyaah Rep. 579
#69   14 Feb 2010
I agree that this is one of the better maps available. I also side with what Phoenix said. When someone puts forth considerable effort to create a map for the use of others and there is no fee levied to its user, then it becomes counterproductive and insenstive to trash them or their creation. Constructive criticism is understandable and may be helpful. However, negative comments do not make any improvements to the map, nor do such scathing remarks elicit an improvement in their creator's abilities. Encouragement and positive reinforcement are crucial to motivating an artist to continue to build their works in the future, growing and striving for perfection in their art. What, indeed then, does the most of benefit to the Quake 3 community?
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not unregistered
#68   14 Feb 2010
actually, this is the best the edge out there . When jump-running for the chaingun your head does not hit the celing. Stairs are spot on. The arch (when going down to the machine-gun) is sized how it should be. The rail room is the rail room, not biger as in other versions. The only difference? 2bouncys, 2statues. The statues are positioned at the point where you could , in the old edge, get on the level. I personally could have done without them and use the old grj (thats grenade rocket jump) but theyre not that bad. What else , m , rocket room seams a bit small, but it s ok. All in all this map best respects the proportions of the edge. GREAT MAP. THANK YOU!
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bathandor unregistered
#67   26 Apr 2002
The best ever
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xxx unregistered
#66   12 Nov 2001
Go take a look at the one done by Charon name "Return to the edge" then come back and tell me which is better
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hannibal unregistered
#65   05 Jun 2001
sorry you had you to go through this jason. Geezus! Map ain't half bad ta boot.
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FuzzyBunny unregistered
#64   15 Mar 2001
I am giving this map 10 to thwart the stupid llamas who keep complaining that finko didn't put every minute of his life into this. ITS THE EDGE. That's good enough for me. the jumppads are cool too.
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Phoenix unregistered
#63   02 Nov 2000
Hello. I was looking around for remakes of Q2DM1 for a friend of mine, when I ran across this. I have not downloaded the level, so I'm not commenting about that. What I would like to comment about is something I see here that I don't like. Now I am not flaming the people who are keeping a level head in this, but what I see is that someone converts a map for his friends, cleans it up a bit, posts it and what happens? A LOT of llamas start blasting and flaming him for it because it isn't "perfect"...

Wake up people, and stop being such a bunch of nitpicky whiners! He said it was done for FUN, not as some contest piece. He released it on a whim so it appears, because he thought maybe GEE, someone else might like to play it. I remember when I did the model conversions for Doom Unleashed. That also was something I did primarily for myself, and I decided on a whim that GEE, there might be some Doom and Generations fans out there that would like to play with those models in Q2. Should I be flamed for that too? Considering it's been downloaded over 3000 times?

I'm not here to promote my own stuff, just to prove a point. It's a freaking video game, and some people out there are taking things that are done for the fun of it FAR too seriously. I really get fed up with people who have the attitude that they should flame anyone and everything that comes along that they don't like, regardless of the circumstances. Things done with the disclaimer "this is just for fun" are just that. He did this conversion for his friends, and felt like sharing. I'd like to see some of the serious whiners here do it better themselves since they obviously know best what Q2DM1 is supposed to be like...

Folks, if you can't keep things in perspective, then keep your mouth shut and leave the guy alone. There's enough whiners and llamas out there already.

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Lt. Stryker unregistered
#62   19 Oct 2000
Althogh this map is a pure classic, I have yet to see a good conversion of this map, they always seem to have lighting problems and unoriginality, D00D! when makin' a conversion, actually put some thought in it, first think about the original theme, a SPACE STATION, not some gothic whatever, and then think about what you want to add to make ppl come back for more! I love your conversion, but it needs a lot more work.

for more Ideas,

ICQ: 46537252


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KnetterGek unregistered
#61   20 Aug 2000
Whadda lodda bull finko.

Just because q3r was on a coverdisc of my fav mag, I tried playing about with it, and with bsp2map of course.

Any llama, newbie, 5 year old, or 95 year old could have tried this map as a getting to know q3rad.

Slaggin tig and mandog is just plain fucked up. They're nice guys and when I had shit with uploading the pics for the mod section they did work they didn't wanna do just cuz they're being nice. you slaggin em off shows what kind of script kiddie you are. go back to playing with 1337 5p34k on irc or something lame like that.

- Eat Shit and Die! -

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TURD unregistered
#60   02 Jun 2000
It was a great map.This is a good level but not half as good as it should be.It is only good because it kept the original layout, for the most part.Apart from that it was a pretty bad conversion.

Replace the word pretty with shite.

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CARLOS unregistered
#59   28 May 2000
Man i loved this map i Quake2...

And when i play it in Q3:A, i use vertex just for fun...

Map description: nedless to say anything else then: "THE EDGE"

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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#58   23 May 2000
Odd interpretation of the Edge, but the good ole edge none the less
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Spon unregistered
#57   15 May 2000
the reason that it get´s a eight is because it´s my favourit map in q2 actually it´s my favourit map of all maps in all games i have played. But besides there are many bugs that should have been fixed before putting it out for example the lightning is all wrong!
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Izman unregistered
#56   17 Apr 2000
What the hell is this, the "fuck with Finko forum"? Shit people, the reviewer fired off on the mapper and the mapper fired back. And now its "fuck with Finko time". It is a measly little level on a measly little game. Finko made a map for him and his friends and gets grilled by a bunch of opinionated, no-nothin', gamegeeks. If you don't like it, delete the SOB. If it was submitted to Lvl to be reviewed, great then. However, Tigger-oN, when you use words like "bastardisation" and phrases like "Its amazing how bspc.exe-bsp2map can turn anyone into a level author" don't be surprised to get a foot up your ass. Finko reacted to your review (and other personal comments from forum reviewers) just as you reacted to his level, or should I say his "bastardisation"!
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scribell unregistered
#55   23 Mar 2000
i love this map!

best dm map fore q2 i saw...

i hopeit will rock in q3 as it is in quake 2

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The Hunter unregistered
#54   16 Mar 2000
A classic and it

fucking, super, very good, the beast of the beast GO FINKO

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Adam unregistered
#53   12 Mar 2000
The best Q2 map now on Q3..i love it! it can't get any better then this!
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[RPT]-Alex86 unregistered
#52   28 Feb 2000
I don't understand? Instead of chaingun there is plasmagun, and instead of hyperblaster there is lightning gun???

bullets -> lightnings
cells -> cells
hyperblaster -> plasmagun
chaingun -> lightning gun
machinegun -> bullets

I think this is correct

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Fool unregistered
#51   19 Feb 2000
Should come with this warning: "For novelty use only. This product is not intented to fully satisfy any serious Q3A addiction."
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not entered unregistered
#50   11 Feb 2000
Err, should've read the review first LOL. =) yeah, leave q2 alone... the sculptures are for gothic levels, not futuristic bases... jeez.
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Marine71 unregistered
#49   11 Feb 2000
I'd convert to the q3map to q3, decompile it and edit some stuff. Otherwise, not bad!
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Iztok unregistered
#48   11 Feb 2000
hello? how can this conversion hurt the good name of the original? beacuse it's not perfect? excuse me, but you'd have to be pretty damn optimistic to think The Edge can be recreated again, perfectly.
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hyrax unregistered
#47   09 Feb 2000
this is directly aimed at Finko - hope ya see this!

Wow, it is called constructive critism (did i spell that rite? lol) and you shouldn't take it to such a degree that it hurts you deeply. geez, lighten up

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Valacar unregistered
#46   08 Feb 2000's a conversion of Tokay Towers:

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my_left_foot unregistered
#45   06 Feb 2000
good on ya finko for making it. no its not perfect but who cares...there are too many children in this world...
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Viagra unregistered
#44   06 Feb 2000
This map ownz jOO

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Rokscott unregistered
#43   06 Feb 2000
Q2dm1 in Q2 was a great map.

IMHO this conversion is an insult to the original. It is way too dark (except under the water, where it is way too bright).

Also , as mentioned before, due to the differences in the game engine the map as a straight conversion just seems way too small.

Anyone wanting to make the ultimate "Edge" for Q3a will have to make it from scratch.

This is crud.

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PennYwisE unregistered
#42   06 Feb 2000
Hey - not bad ... I've always loved this map ... it rocks ...
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Finko unregistered
#41   04 Feb 2000
Damn SpaceMunkie, for someone who thought the map ruled, you sure had a lot of problems with it :) JK bro :)
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jaMMer =TKO= unregistered
#40   04 Feb 2000
Was jsut wondering if some one could make or nows where to get a conversion of Tokays Towers. Damn that map rocked and would be great with new textures and jump pads..I know, that you some of you out there dont like conversions of older maps, but what the hell some maps are just to good to let die!
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SpAcEmUnKiE unregistered
#39   03 Feb 2000
I think this map rules, it is the edge! I dont get u anti-conversion ppl, nore do I get the "if you want to play edge play q2 thing" cuzz i want to play the edge with improved graphics. The new additions like fog, jump pads, and some of the new models I thought were great, they added to the map nicely. But there were shortcomings. there were some bugs, though not too many to keep me from playing it, and those statues of the games characters in the main arena sucked, they didnt fit at all. Also, new textures would have been nice, the old ones were ok in many places but some things, like the boxes, need new stuff desperatly. Also, there were some lighting problems around the machine gun, waaay to bright! It used to be the darkest place on the map, and is now the lightest, wtf!? And about the machine gun, what is with that? Come on Finko, put a gun you dont start out there instead, like the lightning gun or plasma gun, maybe even just ammo for the machine gun, but NOT the machine gun itself. Overall, I think you people bitch about the map too much, it has its problems, but not too many, anyone who hasnt played edge on quake 2 will like it.
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Deadstar unregistered
#38   03 Feb 2000
Finko, you certainly do seem alot more coherent than the "finko impersonator" earlier, and I'll keep an eye out for your original level ;)

Maybe IP's would be a good idea. We certainly don't need people giving other people bad names do we?

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Redrum unregistered
#37   03 Feb 2000

Downloaded your Necroshine map. I'm not going to comment on it yet as I haven't properly played DM with human opponents. A quick note though.

The PK3 file is uncompressed so when you expand the zip to get at it it ends up being pretty large. You probably know this already but Q3 can read compressed zip format so you can save everyone 4 megs by compressing you files within your pk3...

So far it looks pretty good with one texture error at the top of the lift (could be my TNT2 drivers though)...

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RedFive unregistered
#36   03 Feb 2000
If a map, converted or not, makes so many people praise and/or bash it at the same, then I say it's worth dloading to check out. And let me be the first one to say I have The Edge for all three Quakes, and I love all of 'em! I don't know which guy at id (Willits?) first built The Edge, but man did he hit the jackpot. There's still hundreds of Q2 servers playing this map and after 2 and 1/4 years, and people just can't seem to get enough! Sure it's just a conversion, sure it's not perfect, and sure it might not be original. But it's The Edge and Finko's friend wanted it so Finko delivered. Now let's stop the bickering, grab the Rocket Launcher and paint the walls in RED !!!!
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Shambler. unregistered
#35   03 Feb 2000

  1. In case anyone can't remember, Finko is a veteran of some classic Q2 SP units (yeah, single player, u know, what was around before Q3A...). Nailbomb, Deadline, and the 13 map epic Belly of the Beast. As well as Hell's Kitchen, a rather nice Q1 and Q2 DM map. So now you know.

  1. Finky, these friends of yours, if they are such good friends, then please BEAT THEM AROUND A BIT UNTIL THEY PLAY CUSTOM MAPS FOR GOD'S SAKE!! C'mon man, you got people who play your maps, go to lans and stuff, you gotta get them onto proper custom maps.

Ugh, there was other stuff. But I forgot it.

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Shredder unregistered
#34   03 Feb 2000
Hey, Lunatic. I've seen the conversions of the edge and warehouse, and I found nothing wrong with them. They're great! All that I've seen of this map is the picture, which looks like crap.
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Finko unregistered
#33   03 Feb 2000
"Finko I think your reputation will suffer a bit from this map :("

Wasn't aware I had a reputation :)

"But I'm nonetheless looking forward to your original maps! (better come up with something FAST :))


Tigger-oN should have another posted shortly. It's also on my homepage ready for download.

Its called Necroshine. Yes, there was a Q2 version of this as well (and it was mine :)), but as you'll see, it was designed with the Q3 engine in mind. I was just wanted to work on something before the game came out. No one in there right mind would want to play the Q2 version with the recommended players, hence the request for no reviews of the Q2 version :) The r_speeds on the Q2 version are somewhere over 1000 :)

"but because it shows that you didn't have any fun while mapping."

Actually, It was a bunch of fun. It was a good oppurtunity to get reaquainted with Q3Radiant(QEradiant, whatever) after using WC for a short bit.

I look forward to seeing your new "original" work myself GreenThumb. Actually, I played Satan's Playground with a bot the other night. Loads of fun! :)

"Then why waste your time on a dodgy conversion?"

Frib, I dont consider it a waste of time. As I've a few times now, this was for friends. These are good friends, not just faceless on-line pals. I've gone to Lans with these guy/girls, have heated discussions on message boards with em, and play them just about every night in Q2/Q3. We're even having a huge LAN bash in March with about 25-30 people showing up. So, it was for them and not a waste of time. Maybe, I should've left it end with them :) i.e.. not have introduced it here :)

"I trust LvL's reviews and he has his own opinion. You might not agree but that's how it is. I sure don't agree with him all the time but he's doing a service to the community and I respect that."

You hit the nail on the head Kancer :)

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(MA)Greenthumb unregistered
#32   03 Feb 2000
Finko I think your reputation will suffer a bit from this map :(

I'm not hating your map because it's a conversion (I made one myself, look at it:

but because it shows that you didn't have any fun while mapping. You just converted the map, threw in a few textures and this is it. While I was doing my conversion, I nearly ripped it to bits and added textures, a neat trap, curved surfaces and this stuff. And in my opinion, my map doesn't look bad, it also got some nice reviews and a score above 7. But I'm nonetheless looking forward to your original maps! (better come up with something FAST :))

  • Andreas "(MA)Greenthumb" Mann

...btw: Keep looking for my new original map, it'll be ready in a few days...

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#31   03 Feb 2000
Tigger-oN I don't think ips will be a good idea! Why? I have a roving Ip wich means that each time I am connected I have a different ip.

Q2dm1 (The edge) Would be fun in q3a if it was redone brick by brick so to speak. I think a good conversion could be just cant be a rush job.

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Kancer unregistered
#30   03 Feb 2000
Yes, no more conversions. I know most of you, like me also own Quake and Quake II besides Quake III.

Also mappers please include the arena.txt crap so we can start the map from the menu. It saves much time rather then executing it from the q3 prompt.

And Finko, Tigger. Thanks for clearing the air but that still doesn't excuse your outburst. I do however look forward to your next map that can redeem yourself with some of us visitors here. Thanks and bottom line is have fun, it's only a video game.

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Frib unregistered
#29   03 Feb 2000
p.s I look forward to your original work Finko. :)
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Frib unregistered
#28   03 Feb 2000
"If anyone would actually take a look at my homepage, they would realize that I a level author and a damn good one at that."

Then why waste your time on a dodgy conversion?

"The perfectionists that whine about seams and don't even bother commenting on gameplay can get lost. This is a FUN conversion that IS worth downloading. "

Um... regarding the gameplay... it is SOMEBODY ELSE'S MAP. Why the fuck do you expect to get credit if the gameplay happens to be good?

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#27   02 Feb 2000
just to clear up a few things (from the LvL admin);

ip #
2 Feb 2000 22:21

ip #
2 Feb 2000 15:42

ip #
2 Feb 2000 7:35

looks like a different person to me, if there is enough of a good argument to include ip #'s on each post i will, but i would rather keep them out of site (except for when things like this arise)

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LuNaTiC unregistered
#26   02 Feb 2000
umm there is already a wharehouse conversion it

comes with theedge by "chod"

what the F#ck dosent any1 know

bout these maps they have

been out for months!

theres a review at this website

the only place ive found that

even mentioned it...

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Finko unregistered
#25   02 Feb 2000
Let me point one thing out. The last post by Finko was not me. I work 3-11:30 and that post was made while I was at work. So, please, for the love of god don't think those are my comments guys. They are not and I would never talk so stupid. Nothing quite as annoying as being smurfed on a message board. Now on to my response to everyone elses responses :)

Yikes, talk about being misconstrued. It's stated in the text file and its stated in my first post. THIS MAP WAS DONE FOR MY ONLINE BUDDIES FIRST AND FOREMOST!. They asked for it and they got it. Unfortunatly, it's all they play (The Q2 version that is). So please stop asking "WHY?" They're even bugging me to do a Warehouse conversion. Which I'm not going to do :) Why? Because I have better original work in progress.

I also want to clear the air here. I'm not being as critical on Tigger-oN about the map review as I am the "anyone" comment. I found it offensive to a point, but then after working for 10hrs in the real world you tend to get over these things :) Like most level authors, this is a past-time that I take too seriously sometimes. So I apologize for my overeaction this morning. I'd be happy to have Tigger-oN review any of my future maps. But in the end, it is up to him.

I do stand by my critisism of his review however. Yes there is HOM. Yes there are seam problems. Honestly, you should've saw it before I worked on it. It was 10 times worse. This map is one large angle. Probably not a good enough excuse for some people, but that's it. As far as I'm concerned, the jump-pads were good. They sped up the level to suit Q3's needs. There was no mention of the fog that was used. Which I feel was used well. There was no mention of the arches and curves that were added to the entry ways and some platforms. The sculptures were an ideal addition to the level. They finished off the Q3 look for an old and overplayed Q2 map. I mean, what would be the point of making The Edge for Q3 without the Q3 goodies? Then it would just be "The Edge" for Q2.

So, in closing, sorry for the first post outburst. I was just a little shocked. I expected a little more support :) But, I'll live.

And no Shambler, I will not "fuck you with a fish" :)

Send me a mail dude. I'll get in touch with ya, later.

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LuNaTiC unregistered
#24   02 Feb 2000
umm there has been a converted

version of the edge out for

awhile now. It was done by "chod" he didnt change anything so it plays identical

and is a decent conversion. Its

ugly though it uses the same old

textures. Just new weapons.

get it at fileplanet its pretty

popular its been one of the most

downloaded q3 maps recently at


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sno unregistered
#23   02 Feb 2000

you need help..

and thats about all there is to it..



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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#22   02 Feb 2000
can sum1 PLEASE make a betta Q2dm1 "THE EDGE"
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Deadstar unregistered
#21   02 Feb 2000
"Hey, If you don't like my map don't download it....period!!!!"

Don't worry.. I didn't, and I won't!


Umm, dude.. check the Rocket Arena site.. I'm one of the mappers. You'll see what my "non-mapping" comments can do in about a month's time (I think). But regardless, if people don't like my products, I won't flame them for their opinion. I'll accept any well written criticism and LISTEN to it.

Until this point Finko, I'd never heard of you.. and you certainly haven't given me any incentive to check on any of your other maps.

Take it easy,


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Tigger-oN unregistered
#20   02 Feb 2000
I think the reviewers at lvl are mapper wanna bees...

I am THE reviewer at LvL, and i can assure you i don't want to be a bee. I can also assure that I've been making map since Doom2. I do know a thing or two about level construction, however I'm no Tim Willits

on a side note, some of my maps have appeared on cover cd's for pc gamer and hyper (and others), others have come in second and thrid in numerous mapping comps around to world. My Q3A map appears on this site at if you wish to rip it to bits as well :]

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Kancer unregistered
#19   02 Feb 2000
I really dig this map. Yes there should be less Q2 to Q3 conversions and no this map is not free of bugs.

On to personal attacks. If you don't like them then don't put yourself in the spotlight. What an author should do after a less then stellar review is start working on the next kick ass map, not flame the reviewer on his own site. I trust LvL's reviews and he has his own opinion. You might not agree but that's how it is. I sure don't agree with him all the time but he's doing a service to the community and I respect that.

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4Fuxache unregistered
#18   02 Feb 2000
dood.. its buggy to hell. Major hom effect in the water next to rail entrance, sparklies everywhere especially in the main arena.

Bold attempt but.. its just godam buggy man

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driller unregistered
#17   02 Feb 2000
I think that after the reaction by the crowd on this forum to a few of the conversions aleady out there and the abuse of bspc -bsp2map. Tigger-On was just waiting to make an example out of someone, which he did. Whether this right or wrong is not up to me, but you can understand Finko's reaction.
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Waffle King unregistered
#16   02 Feb 2000
All I'm going to say is nobody correct his mistakes.

We don't need The Edge for Quake3.. Seems to be the only thing playing in Quake 2 anymore.

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AssBall unregistered
#15   02 Feb 2000
I must first say, Finko, if you are going to produce shit you ought to expect a shitty attitude in return.

It appears that no effort went into the production of this map. It is bland, and I find the layout annoying to travel around in. Lets keep Q2 maps with Q2. Q3 is a different game and its best maps will be original to itself.

I am truly sorry that you have decided to end your association with lvl, because I would really like to see some more of your work in the future. I am sure as shit not going to OUT OF MY WAY to DL maps from a selfish, easily insulted mapper.

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Finko unregistered
#14   02 Feb 2000
Hey, If you don't like my map don't download it....period!!!! This conversion was not easy and I guaruntee there isn't one hole in my .bsp. I think the reviewers at lvl are mapper wanna bees that couldn't connect two rooms with a corridor to save there lives!!!


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Deadstar unregistered
#13   02 Feb 2000
Finko, you claim to be a "damn good mapper" but this map and your posts below do nothing to confirm this. You've managed to make yourself sound like a "bspc newbie".. get one bad review and cry about how everyone else who has an opinion is wrong.

There is nothing about this conversion that demonstrates high ability for mapping. There is nothing in your "do not review my future work in any manner whatsoever" attitude that would suggest otherwise as well.

You should take some of these comments and think about it. Did you expect to get a good review for a shit conversion?

I think not.

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Redrum unregistered
#12   02 Feb 2000
Thats my 2cents no offence meant to anybody....
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Redrum unregistered
#11   02 Feb 2000
I remember you Finko. You did some great maps.

Having read your comments I can understand why you did it.

As a general point I don't undertsand why people bother converting Q2 or Q1 maps at all. If you want to play Q2DM1 then fire up Q2.

Anyone playing any of the Q2DM1 maps in Q3 will realise that the scale is all wrong - sure it looks fine on the screen but all the movement and weapon stuff works differently. With very little effort you can jump from the top of the lift all the way to the double health pack near the SSG.

I'm sure he knows he can do better but as he said he just did it for a friend. If I was Finko I wouldn't put much time and effort into copying something and adding a few bits 'cos my m8 was around one day and had a few ideas of his own. I'd rather put my time and effort into maintaining the quality and standards in my personal map.

However since he did do the map he may as well release it. At the end of the day if you don't like a map, say why, then politely ask for your money back ;-)

ps. I'm not Finko's m8!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#10   02 Feb 2000
My comment about anyone into a level ... stands, I see bspc -bsp2map as a devlopment tool only. It builds a dodgy .map file, one that should be rebuilt - clearly Finko could have done a much better job than this. Could have fixed the errors, could have changed the textures, could given this map a hole new look and feel that would of kick ass!, but to me the jumppads sux, the holes in the bsp sux, lighting is bad in parts and the fog seems out of place for sure.

Finko can do better for sure, but this map sure does seem like a newbie conversion of a great classic map.

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Shambler. unregistered
#9   02 Feb 2000
P.S. Finky, finish the Half-Life episode please, that's looking rather nice and stylish and H-L needs more good custom maps for sure.
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Shambler. unregistered
#8   02 Feb 2000
Finko, WTF?? I went to your page, thinking surely this can't be the same Finko I know and love....but fuck me with a fish, it is. I'm shocked, I really am.

Firstly, why the fuck are you doing an Edge did what, 20, 25 original maps as part of your Q2 units?? Often with plenty of creativity and originality, so why on Earth did you need to convert something?? I mean hell, if you are gonna convert anything, it should be Hell's Kitchen of course =).

Secondly, and even more shocking, why the fuck are you telling Tigger what he can and can't review?? You're not some newbie releasing his first map and suddenly discovering that people actually criticise it if it sucks - you're a veteran, you know if you publically release maps, people will comment on them and there is nothing you can do to stop that. Nor should you even try to stop that - you have to bite the bullet and put up with people's comments.

However, I do agree very much that Tigger's comment about "anyone..." is completely unjustified - okay, releasing a Q2DM1 conversion is a poor representation of your mapping skillz, but that's a bad mark for Tigger there. And a bad mark for you too, I'm afraid...

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#7   02 Feb 2000
Yes you are pretty good! But don't take offense to someone slammimg this map! Why? It's the Edge Bro! Any conversion of a map of this calliber people are going to be very very critical!

So if you don't send anymore maps how are we going to see any of your future work?

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The Man unregistered
#6   02 Feb 2000
No offense, man, but you need to work on the lighting and learn how to use common/clip. Some things worked in Q2 but take a bit more thought in Q3A. Better luck next time, though.
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blah unregistered
#5   02 Feb 2000
having done a conversion before, the shit I got was not too bad compared to all the emails I got saying they liked it..but it was a one time deal and I would prefer to make my own stuff. As long as it doesn't show up in ra3 it is okay.

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ToRCh3R unregistered
#4   02 Feb 2000
I like the map too, I have played it and the gameplay was fun and fastpaced (isn't that what it is all about?) BTW isn't this just a game? If everything was perfect then I guess id wouldn't need patches either.....u'd better tell them to do a better job also. NICE JOB FINKO!!!!!!!!!
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GreyCloak unregistered
#3   02 Feb 2000
I actually liked it. Sure in some places the walls seemed a bit disjointed, and the Q3 lighting effects make some parts too dark. However, this map did bring back some fond memories of Q2 lan fragging. Can't wait to try it out on a lan again.

I'm glad someone took the time to do it, my favorite Q2 map from ID ported to my favorite ID game, good job.

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Finko unregistered
#2   02 Feb 2000
BTW, lvl, do not review my future work in any manner whatsoever. Thankyou.
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Finko unregistered
#1   02 Feb 2000
Well, I'm gonna take the "-bsp2map can turn anyone into a level author" comment personally. If anyone would actually take a look at my homepage, they would realize that I a level author and a damn good one at that. This conversion was created for the benefit of some freinds and I thought I'd share it with everyone else. Next time I'll keep it too myself and my freinds. The perfectionists that whine about seams and don't even bother commenting on gameplay can get lost. This is a FUN conversion that IS worth downloading. As for the first comment, DO YOUR HOMEWORK DUDE!!

Live and learn...

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