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Tensun unregistered
#5   05 Feb 2000
Yes, his mapping skills are going far. Atleast he hadnt copied someone elses maps to q3.

Just work on it an youll get there.

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RedFive unregistered
#4   05 Feb 2000
jeg: this site really knows how to give newbie mappers confidence... NOT!

The way I see it is that it teaches newbie mappers not to publish so much crappy material. If I start mapping (I know I want to), I won't publish my first box experiment cuz I know it'll suck big time !!!

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jeg unregistered
#3   05 Feb 2000
this site really knows how to give newbie mappers confidence.


don't be so harsh all the the time

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AssBall unregistered
#2   02 Feb 2000
Very simple map...but the right angle thing isn't what bothered me. I thought the doorways were annoyingly small. You could have done a bit more work with the textures. Also, as the review stated, the jumpads fuck you unless you hit them from one angle. They fuck bots too. Otherwise it was a somewhat fun map to play. Keep mapping, mike, I can see some nice things comming from your direction in the future.
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YUMMER unregistered
#1   02 Feb 2000
This map is beautiful. so what if the angles are 90 degrees. i think that shows an incredible sense of individuality. Curved surfaces suck!!! all they do is hurt FPS.
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