GrindMill by [Kona]
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#32   28 May 2021
Love it! Superb and intense gameplay.
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#31   17 Feb 2012
Great 2 player map with awesome Gameplay :). 9.5/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#30   14 Jul 2011
Terrain maps are the best. Period. We need more of them. With wide open space of course.
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Foralarx Rep. 678
#29   25 Jan 2010
This is a top class draw and an excellent addition to the featured releases list. A true test of a map's metal is how long it stays in rotation on your hard disk. Well, baring a hard disk failure this will still be on my hard disk come the 14th of December, making it a full 10 years, nuff said really. A true classic.
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cityy unregistered
#28   26 Jun 2009
d'load works fine for me - try to download from ..::LVL
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Bob Burgess unregistered
#27   25 Jun 2009
I tried downloading this map and the simpsons map and they both come up with an error. If you can, email me at, thanks
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Jawbreaker unregistered
#26   25 Feb 2009
Wow this map looks like it has alot of tricks to b found! GATTA DOWNLOAD THIS ONE!
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Tig Rep. 1604
#25   28 Dec 2005
Unzip the zip file to your 'Quake III Arena/baseq3' folder. Start up the game and select the 'skirmish' menu, then look for the map in the list.

You can also type '\map mapname' in the console (where mapname is the map file name).

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CaptinSparky unregistered
#24   28 Dec 2005
i dont know how to add maps in so i can play them can some one help my email is (thanks)
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g0r the only unregistered
#23   13 Sep 2004
good description pitch man, and your right.. the download was worth it.
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IV0 unregistered
#22   21 Mar 2004
Great map! One of my few favorites. Love it.
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not entered unregistered
#21   27 Jun 2002
[kona] our PAIN team of POLAND expect ur e-mail adress if it is posib.

my iz <a href=""></a>,

We were playing all ur map more then 30 sessions AND MORE THAN 500 H. U R GOD-BUILDER. DO NOT STOP. Best greets!

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nolimit again unregistered
#20   26 Jun 2001
people keep saying that the teleporter sucks. personally I like it, it's more like a Quake 1 feel. It's not so retarded that you can't see it in picmip 5 which is what I use to play. And you can TELL it's a teleporter. Many custom teleporters you can't even tell that they're teleporters until you actually hit them
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nolimit unregistered
#19   26 Jun 2001
Great map, incase anyone has ever noticed, the less jump pads you have, the better the map usually is. Imagine this map with jump-pads, it would SUCK.
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#18   22 Jan 2001
Nice work! I really like the layout. Tight and nice.

R_speeds are wonderful, too.


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hannibal unregistered
#17   19 Jan 2001
Kona, you keep on truckin' man, your an innovative mapper who ACTUALLY CARES about gameplay--most of the other 'artsy' mappers don't even know what the term 'gameplay' refers to. Grindmill is polished, fast, and tasy, just the way I like 'em!
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PNR unregistered
#16   19 Jan 2001
BEEN playing since it was released,I have a free ISP(NO GAMING FOR ME ONLINE)so bots are all i get......this ,out of my 150 so maps is in the top 5 for BOT challenges...thanks fun stuff
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Speedy unregistered
#15   28 Dec 2000
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mc-fine unregistered
#14   18 Dec 2000
Damn Kona. This map OWNS me! Its like modern version of q1dm4. Tight and fast!! It looks amazing the texture work blends seamlessly.

I like the way the weapons work in the level. Fun to use the rail in a kinda small level.

Man I can see this map getting some serious 1v1 play. Only problem is that i think it needs to be stretched. For gameplay reasons only. Spots that are too tight can get annoying especially when you fly real far when hit by a rocket. If it was a bit more roomy it would be perfect. Parts like the RA area and raising the ceilings in the halls would help. Tad bit more lateral stretching wouldn't hurt either.

Excellent work.

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[Kona] unregistered
#13   18 Dec 2000
Hey, thanx for all the comments.

I'm glad you all like it. Most of the suggestions are fairly similar, and I agree with them.

Hey does this map layout remind anyone of ultrav? :P The main outdoor area anyway.

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Ogre2112 unregistered
#12   17 Dec 2000
Very nice 1on1 map. The only thing that keeps it from a nine (or ten) is that the elevator I don't think really fits in well with the map's flow, and the rooms seemed a little repetative.
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Rainman-TD unregistered
#11   17 Dec 2000
The maps's cool, I mean REALLY COOOOL. The only thing that's not so good is that you can Rj and see the some area you normaly shouldn't. Maybe it's a feature, maybe smone just forgot to use clip brushes.

Still I give 8 cause it plays well and the flow is simply perfect.

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Al Gecko unregistered
#10   16 Dec 2000
Clearly above average! Recommended for one-on-ones. A few little repairings on the texturing (beaming-field; overlapping spots) and this would be a a real top-map! The dark-age celtish atmosphere works great.

I'm not sure about the elevator... to me it doesn't fit really perfect into the maps overall atmosphere? Looks too modern? -Should have a 'wooden' look. And: Bots want to go down through the hole and are brought back accidently.

All in all this map is (to me) an 8.0. Texture-repairs would have pushed it to an 8.5. For a 9,0 the elevator would have to be 'wooden'. OH! Forgotten to mention: Gameplay is very good in my opinion; overall bot-behavior is above average without any doubt.

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excessus unregistered
#9   15 Dec 2000
Gave it an 8, because of the very uninspired teleporter. Besides, its a level thought to be played... great flow and feeling. A must download.
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Reservoir DoG unregistered
#8   14 Dec 2000
Best tourney map to come out in a while IMO. Looking forward to playing this on LAN tomorrow. The only gripes I have is banging me noggin' on the top of the teleporter (in pro mode)and I feel the lighting could have been a bit more varied. Other than that top notch.
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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#7   14 Dec 2000
Wow, another great map in two days here at lvl. The brushwork is pretty cool, great use of textures, architecture is very nice a bit reminiscent of what UT could have been had it had better graphics. Map seems destined for Tourney type play. Bots were pretty good, some fun on this level, let's get it on a server and frag some human butt. This one is dying to be played, fast and tight, every move counts (kinda like a high school dance). Screw up in the corridors and you pay for it. One word of caution, if you aren't a fan of a tight fast map (why would you be playing Q3A) then become one.
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Sundown unregistered
#6   14 Dec 2000
The adjustments made from the beta version push this map to the top tier. Tight, fast duel jubilee. Very atmospheric, I think its his best map yet. Lakerbot plays well here.
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DruZli unregistered
#5   14 Dec 2000
nice brushwork and yeah the flow is good too, dont know about the RA ohh well just camp some more:). Two thingz i dont like ,is that if u rocketjump in some places u can see over the whole level and it´s very thight in space to battle :)have to play it against humans to say something about gameplay.



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Peak_Man unregistered
#4   14 Dec 2000
This is the most intense deathmatch level I've ever played on... and that screenshot that LvL put up hardly does the beauty of it justice. Keep up the good work Kona.
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not entered unregistered
#3   14 Dec 2000
the architecture is sweet on this map...I really like the style and the feel.......jackboots textures do very well on this map......the flow works well and the action keeps main concern is that the walls and ceilings give me almost no where to move when in the map......trying to jump out of a corridor or make a dodging run down a hall often turned out more deadly than useful because I'd hit something and wouldn't be able to get out in time......other than proportional issues and a couple of other minor issues(ie: floating clip brush that you can occasionally hit in the mainroom) this is a very nice map map...
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Shovel unregistered
#2   14 Dec 2000
Awsome map!
The flow is REALLY sweet, and looks great to! :)

The only problem I found is that if you try to jump(strafe) from the top platform over the top of the MH to the 2nd level straight across from it, you hit an invisible brush(clip no doubt) and it stops your movement making you drop to the ground.

you can miss this brush to the left and right of it. It's probly about 32 units in width?

Anyway it needs fixing :)

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not entered unregistered
#1   14 Dec 2000
fast and tight is what I would call this map.

the game flow is awsome,and bots go everywere.

item placement is fine.

you will find stairs and a lift,but I do miss the jump pads.

I mostly like larger lvls but this was great.

poor looking telepoter.


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