Tiamat's Revenge
Tiamat's Revenge by suckmonkey
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2020
#16   17 Jul 2011
As much as I know, Tiamat was a mapper for Halo Custom Edition who made the famous "Coldsnap" level. Did he also make Quake 3 maps too?
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geneoo unregistered
#15   10 Aug 2001
thanks for making a great map and allowing all of us to us to enjoy playing it
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hannibal unregistered
#14   21 Feb 2001
Cool suckmonkey :) (Love the name) I wish more authors would do this--some little fixy wixy, and a lot of maps that 'missed' the 1st time around could be real hits.
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suckmonkey unregistered
#13   20 Feb 2001
I am working on fixing up a few things and bot support is one of them.

P.S. Whoever keeps voting and giving this level a 1, could you please stop or at least explain why. Thanks.

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hannibal unregistered
#12   11 Feb 2001
Bots tend to get stuck near the wall (runnin' in tight circles) as they make their way back to base after grabbin the flag. I like the map in general, but cleaning up the aas file would make me keep it.
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Glock unregistered
#11   28 Jan 2001
Hey, I like this map :)
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slothstoner unregistered
#10   18 Dec 2000
Would be better if it had a giant c@ck in the middle of it somewhere
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suckmonkey unregistered
#9   18 Dec 2000
You NEED to have the threewave pak installed to see all the textures. I was under the assumption that anyone who played ctf, had that pak file, and if they don't, they should get it.
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not entered unregistered
#8   17 Dec 2000
Missing some textures!
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bosstoner unregistered
#7   16 Dec 2000
this map rox. i personally beta-tested it myself. it should be on stoogeville!

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suckmonkey unregistered
#6   15 Dec 2000
The red-assed grappling monkeys are in the washrooms.
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batztoner unregistered
#5   15 Dec 2000
I was playing and playing the map but I could not find the red-assed monkeys. I heard they were hidden on the level somewhere. Where are they? Also, I cannot get the grapple to work. Where did you hide it?
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suckmonkey unregistered
#4   14 Dec 2000
I was not aware of any missing textures. I borrowed some from the threewave pak maybe they are from there.
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RaphX unregistered
#3   14 Dec 2000
yeah, whashrooms would be nice


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dudio unregistered
#2   14 Dec 2000
are there any washrooms in the level?
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cr unregistered
#1   14 Dec 2000
As soon as we have the missing textures, we can put a score on this map ...
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