BlueJam by Islonik
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raspatan Rep. 3955
#4   10 Oct 2020
Just too much stuff in one map. Looks neat but lacks proper gameplay.
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db unregistered
#3   20 Dec 2009
An ugly map in the use of textures. The colours will make you wish for shades at the best. But ignore the colour scheme and it plays beautifully. Fast with lots of twists and turns.
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WaSp unregistered
#2   22 Dec 2000
couldnt agree more al

nice effort

fast and frantic

I just had a sick 1v1 with hossman :-)

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Al Gecko unregistered
#1   17 Dec 2000
If the coloring is no problem to You -this is a nice map. there is no reason to ignore this map! (In my opinion -except the pink lights- the colors are beautiful.)
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