Shadowlands by Charon
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Deathmonger unregistered
#15   10 Nov 2000
It's a pitty that this map is for R3A... It rocks!
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Prophet unregistered
#14   10 Nov 2000
I like RA3, I like good maps, such as yours!

It's an 8 for me, since some of the corridors in the clan arena are a bit thight, too tight and there are some texturing problems, like the z-buffer conflicts on the towers. However, soild job and a really ggod addition to ra3!

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not entered unregistered
#13   09 Nov 2000
Man. What's with the lack of updates around here lately? Tig?

Nice map btw Charon. I dug the tunnels that had the moving scale like texture. Almost like being inside a snake or something. :)

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Kolo unregistered
#12   09 Nov 2000
Hi, I saw your map, and I think that the map environment is okay, but you shouldn't use too much same textures like that gray texture.

I can't say anything else but it's all just nice work.

Haven't played haven't tested it.. but referring to this ONE picture I'll give you an 8.

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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#11   06 Nov 2000
Well this is a nice map, but:

  • textures could be a little more expressive, kinda like everyone with dark hair no variiety
  • cool gameplay, ought to convert for Team deathmatch
  • I didn't have any trouble with r_speeds or fps 933 w/ GeForce DDR
  • pretty good work I think, but who am I.
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GarlicSalt unregistered
#10   06 Nov 2000
Oh I give this one a 10 byw. Cya
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GarlicSalt unregistered
#9   06 Nov 2000
I really like these maps. Absolutely beautiful and a really cool feel. I really like the layout. I must confess I'm not a big fan of the RA mod, but I like playing the mod on these maps. They are smaller and that means the action is close up. I dig it. Hate those "over in the next valley rail king maps" that are so prevalent on mose RA3 servers. Very nice job Charon.
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waY2Kool unregistered
#8   06 Nov 2000
ALS, you've got to be kidding. spectral tower has amazing gameplay. it gets played over and over on my server. just awesome.
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Sehlio unregistered
#7   05 Nov 2000
The look is great. Ive had good games in the 1v1's and the CA. My only complaint with this map is that there arent location entities or whatever you need so that you can tell your team where you are. Or was that changed?
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ALS unregistered
#6   05 Nov 2000
This map is very nice, but lacks of good gameplay!

None of the arenas are inspiring at all. You don’t get that drive to keep up playing in them. The author has spent too much time on details instead of good gameplay!

I’ve been following the ra3 custom maps and so far only 2maps have got the chance to stay on my HD. SgtGhost’s "Home base of the assassins" and Firestarter "Frag like an Egyptian"! You’ll find awesome gameplay in both of them!

You can grab them at

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waY2Kool unregistered
#5   05 Nov 2000
i LOVE these maps...especially spectral towers. me and my buds can't stop play the spectral (lots of vertical AND horizontal's in rotation and my server
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   05 Nov 2000
not entered - are you getting errors on loading the page? Could you send me ( the error message and the URL, it will help me to find out whats going on. Thanx
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not entered unregistered
#3   05 Nov 2000
WTF is this object moved shit? This site is starting to get on my nerves.
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Syclone unregistered
#2   05 Nov 2000
Glad to see the site getting up some good RA3 maps.

This one is very nice. The only thing that is a negative to me is that the CA map is a bit too hard to navigate quickly once it gets to the end, unlike some of the other big maps like MAP1 and MAP4.

Overall, a great map, though, with a really moody feel.

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GreatSonGoku unregistered
#1   05 Nov 2000
This is still my favorite RA3 Map other than the excellent first map by firestarter. The Clan Arena is just massive and is great for gameplay and if you can use the rail well enough, you 0wnz. I wish that more servers would play custom maps, the ones that came with the mod tire very quickly. This is a great map, I also recommend the new map by firestarter, frag like an egyption. Get this map now.
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