Basic Instincts
Basic Instincts by QPsiren
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#5   17 Oct 2020
Cramped spaces. Hard to move. Lacks gameplay.
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< THE ^DARK^ > unregistered
#4   11 Dec 2000
Man.... you are gettin no love Skinner. Over 1000 dloads now and only one comment (I'm not counting your two ...heh). I have no time this week to check it out ... finals :^( I'll check it out this weekend though and give you some honest feedback. later
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Jon Skinner unregistered
#3   30 Oct 2000
Thanks for the feedback, Sundown. I'll take your comments and try to use them for my next map.

And the rockets - ok, I'm a RL whore :) I tried to make what I'd like to play, hence the large rockets count.

Once again, thank you.

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Sundown unregistered
#2   29 Oct 2000
Ok Jon! 1st, overall I think you did a good job. But here are a few suggestions (though I have not played team DM here). For FFA, I'd reduce the RL ammo a bit--even with seven peeps, I regularly found myself runnin' around with 15-20 rockets, and this discourages variety in the fighting that develops. Connectivity is just a tad off--a few hallways that you can enter from the side appear as if they go two ways, but really only go one, with the other leading about 10 feet (game scale) into a wall. Now, undoubtedly that is an intentional design decision by you--but the hallway areas are not differentiated enough so that one can remember if this hallway is truly two-way or one-way--thus I found myself turning into a dead end a lot--in the middle of a fight, this is distracting, and cuts down a bit on gameflow. Just my opinion of course, and maybe playing it longer will resolve this stumblin'-bumblin' running on my part, but this kind of map learning, in a map that generally is circular, is not something that compels one to play again to "get it right". But overall, I think you've got a bright mapping future ahead of you.
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Jon Skinner unregistered
#1   28 Oct 2000
660 downloads and still no comments? Come on guys! :)
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