Basic Instincts
Date: September 8th, 2000
Quake3Arena DeathMatch/Team DeathMatch Map.

Title: Basic Instincts
Filename: basicinstincts.pk3
Author: Jon Skinner
Location: London E1, UK
Email address: **email removed**

A small gothic map. It's not my first map, but my first _releasable_ map. I chose the gothic theme because, although bashed by a lot of people, I find it gives me the greatest feeling of mood and atmosphere. If done correctly. I think I succeeded in parts with this one.

Game Information
FFA: Up to 8 players
TeamDM: 4v4 recommended
Bot file: Yes
Arena file: Yes, giving 5 bots (Daemia, Mynx, Sorlag, Biker, Ranger) - all chosen to fit the map, by looking at their weapon and item preferences

How do I play this?
Place the pk3 file in your baseq3 folder and use the Skirmish menu in Q3A to play the map.

Construction Details
Editor: Q3Radiant v202
Build time: About 3.5 weeks
Coffee: About 2 tons
Cigarettes: Half a tobacco plantation :)

Kudos and many many thanks to those on the Quake3World Level Editing forum (Anwulf, Niptlar, trauma, kropcke and others I remember). I hope you enjoy this. Feedback is always requested.