by WaSp
razors_edge by WaSp
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WaSp unregistered
#8   29 Oct 2000
thanx for taking the time to comment guys.

back to the old drawing board I guess :-)

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not entered unregistered
#7   29 Oct 2000
I liked it. Lighting could have really used some work though. White light from a night sky just doesn't make sense. :)
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elvis unregistered
#6   28 Oct 2000
i played it. its fun for a little while one on one vs. razor.. but does get boring..

i definitly agree it should be used for human 1on1's or clan games..

maybe it should only be used for instagib.. well who am i to say:)

great instagib map though.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   27 Oct 2000
As a clanarena it could really rock, didn't try as one yet but the whole time I was playing it thats what I keep thinking.
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WaSp unregistered
#4   27 Oct 2000
WOW ??

I am shocked

has anybody actually played this map ,or does it have to be pretty to even get a look in.

A simple layout was my intention ,If you have a friend who plays, try playing it as it is intended ,a duel map.

I cant believe RELOADER got a higher score than this ,or was it because it came in at under a megabyte ??

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druzli unregistered
#3   27 Oct 2000
could be nice i Clanarena
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Deathmonger unregistered
#2   27 Oct 2000
Not so boring "one word", the problem is that Wasp just dind't make it!

Hope next time he gets better.


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one word unregistered
#1   26 Oct 2000
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