Iron Oxide
Iron Oxide by Killer
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Foralarx Rep. 618
#12   11 Jul 2015
It's been 15 years since Killer released the Q3 version of his Q2 map Iron Oxide. It's still one of my go-to maps. Whilst others may not find the looks to their tastes I love how much it does not betray its origins. Gameplay is sublime with some interesting advanced routes available. Even in vq3. The most challenging being the circle strafe to the RA from the opposite ledge, to pinch it from the opponent looking to drop down to it. The water channel makes for a great cat and mouse game. Do you take the jump pad or sacrifice your stack? Well worth the download.
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H217 Rep. 470
#11   03 Mar 2013
Nice work
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#10   04 Jul 2012
A lot of hard work was put into this map and I can tell by how the map was made. The toxic water was the best part because when I jump off platforms to the other side, I would always falls dragging my opponents with me :P. Very Good! :D 8/10
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Charon unregistered
#9   21 Jul 2001
just felt like throwing my own in here even though this has been a while since its release.....this is an excellent release......
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Sundown unregistered
#8   25 Oct 2000
Conversion smersion! This map stands fine on its own. Its what I call a "funnin'" map--a nice place to frag, kill some time and enjoy the scenery. Not a map for serious games a course, but who cares! Mynx plays like a dominatrix on this puppy, and that's all dat matters. Aromatic environment.
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Lunaran unregistered
#7   19 Oct 2000
I'm giving it a ten to offset eggman. :)
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rockN79 unregistered
#6   19 Oct 2000
originally posted by Killer:All my maps aren't particularly detailed because I simply can't think of the cool architectural details that many authors seem to do so easily (Lunaran, Than, Laerth etc). I know that the Quake III engine is capable of so much more but at the moment I am not

I don't think your editing skills as bad as it sounds in your own words. The lighting/atmosphere in your map is damn great, and it has enough good looking details, that easily qualify it as a q3 map. Detailing a map in a way that it looks "right" and believable can be a real pain. The stuff some people come up with (especially Laerth) is so good, that it scares me. Still there's other stuff that make a map great and your map has plenty of it.

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Re: Creative Effort unregistered
#5   19 Oct 2000
Glad the comments are mostly positive so far. I knew that there would be some negativity toward the map as it is a pretty much straight conversion. I understand the comments you put forward Eggman but you must understand that I find it very difficult to detail my maps. All my maps aren't particularly detailed because I simply can't think of the cool architectural details that many authors seem to do so easily (Lunaran, Than, Laerth etc). I know that the Quake III engine is capable of so much more but at the moment I am not.

I suppose I could have thrown in a load of curves but I think that would have made it look very cheesy. I am not keen on your implication that I didn't put much creative effort into this map, it took a lot of effort and I personally am pleased with the results (and that's what matter most).

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Eggman unregistered
#4   19 Oct 2000
For some reason this map does not do it for me. It just doesn't come off as being a genuine environment. Everything is so clean cut, it makes me wanna spew. The map is sooo overtly dominated by the grid it just completely nullifies the map's reason for being. I don't see a map, I see the grid. Especially in the places where the wall is completely straight, then a 128 wide portion is diagonally slanted 16 units back to accomodate a light fixture(UGH I HATE THAT). I'm sorry if I seem excessively harsh, I'm just angry because I like the theme but instead of choosing to expand on

what was a good Quake II map by enhancing it with the shitloads of atmosphere that the Quake III engine allows for, and this map deserves, it just mediocrely mimics its Quake II counterpart. Don't tell me that it can't be done without sacrificing r_speeds because that is simply not true. Killer, I beg of you, if you are going to do another conversion of one of your old maps, please put forth the creative effort to make it a convincing environment. That is what mapping is all about isn't it, creative effort? Once again I apologize, I'm just trying to urge the author into achieving the higher standard quality of mapping that was evident in his prior works. Evolve with the engine sir!

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4Fuxache unregistered
#3   18 Oct 2000
nice level plays great

textures look sorta blurry on my geforce though

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Rat_Scabies unregistered
#2   18 Oct 2000
FragTastic !

Long live that Q2 feeling :]

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excessus unregistered
#1   18 Oct 2000
I gave it a 7... it has this Q2 feeling that resulted to be cool for a change! Nice work Killer :)
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