Devonaire by [Kona]
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raspatan Rep. 4518
#8   14 Jun 2020
The map has a great layout but feels incredible small. In so many places you cannot jump around. Same map but 1.3 times larger would make a superb gameplay.
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nolimit unregistered
#7   09 Jul 2001
incredible gameplay once again from the greatest quake 3 map maker ever. =) try playin this map on g_speed 400 and cpm mode. fun as hell.
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Hi-C unregistered
#6   16 Oct 2000
Lot of fun. Love the retro look, too.
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rockN79 unregistered
#5   16 Oct 2000
Hey, someone is time-jumping again. This happened before in some thread.
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Scampie unregistered
#4   15 Oct 2000
Octovus: It's the same map, that's why. =)
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Octovus unregistered
#3   15 Oct 2000
Maybe I'm nuts here, so please don't anyone take offense...but I'm seeing a major resemblance to a CQA (Classic Quake Arena, a Q3A Mod) map.

I think that map is just a from scratch conversion of a QuakeWorld level, but Devonaire is looking a lot like it. Please, don't take offense it may be coincidence but just a thought. =)

L8rs! Octovus{QsRu}

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OctovusIsKillingHimself unregistered
#2   15 Oct 2000
Hey, go figure, it's IN the CQA mod. Boy I'm bright..maybe I oughta read readmes ;)

Everyone PLEASE disregard my idiotic previouse comment. =)

Me apologizes

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Jazz unregistered
#1   14 Oct 2000

Item overload. I was picking up 3 or 4 weapons before dying. I like the layout except for the small corners where megahealth and red armor go.

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