Devonaire by [Kona]

Tight, compact layout with great connectivity. The industrial custom texturing is consistent and suits the Quake2 sytle architecture. The biggest problem is the item placement. Armour shards, 25 Health, Yellow Armour, Shot Gun, more Armour shards, another 25 health, Red Armour and why not finish off with 100 health, all within a jump of each other. The level has been well clipped to stop snagging on small brushes but the architecture itself can get in your way, for instance, hitting your head on a beam when going downstairs. The Gothic ambient sounds seem out-of-place in a tech theme. Bots play fine.

A well connected level, shame about the item placement.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Devonaire by [Kona]