the lost mines
the lost mines by l0st h0p3
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Quaker from 1996 unregistered
#7   25 Jul 2016
Thanks for making this! many memories back in the day on this map.
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#6   17 May 2012
Boy have I been waiting for a map like this :). This is just terrific.
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Kyall Rep. 252
#5   17 Mar 2012
A pretty good map. Textures are awesome, the skybox simple but smart. The layout is unique and has some great gameplay. This map is excellent for the Hunt Mod, with 3 other human players or bots. Nicely done, l0st h0p3. 9/10.
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sw12 unregistered
#4   11 Nov 2010
I never knew this map even existed.
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Brian unregistered
#3   10 Nov 2010
Space Ship Mine Station
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threep unregistered
#2   16 Oct 2000
Excellent map. Lots of fun. Download it now. :)
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Fidelity unregistered
#1   14 Oct 2000
This map is really great for OSP Clan Arena!!!
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