Maximum Chaos
Maximum Chaos by TwitchFactor
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#12   26 Mar 2000
Not to worry, my next one is almost done.

Over/Under is quite a bit bigger than MaxChaos (which was really kind of a test level) and has a few surprises.

I will eventually be making a "remake" (remix?) of Maximum Chaos, addressing everyone's (except Peej) concerns.

It will be a different level, instead of a "new version" of MaxChaos, so look out for it.

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Leviathen unregistered
#11   24 Mar 2000
too fuggin tight n windy. Sorry, it's well made n all but not my kinda map at all.
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Hi-C unregistered
#10   19 Mar 2000
Very enjoyable. Impressive when it came out a couple of months ago and still going strong on my playlist.
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Khabal{KoF} unregistered
#9   01 Mar 2000
NIce, fast-moving map. Although we agree that it should have been a bit larger, we use it in the server rotation because it moves like silk and it's great fun.

Do yerself a favor and grab this sleeper gem.

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Grunt unregistered
#8   24 Feb 2000
I think it's good that there isn't a single curve =) in this map 'cause that make it all laggier... well overall, it's a good map! I gave it a 7!
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#7   31 Jan 2000
Looks really promising bro! Way better than my first Quake2 effort! You've got what it takes to be a good mapper with time :-)
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#6   31 Jan 2000
I'm really happy that people are even taking the time to roam around in something I built.

That's the "big thing" for me.

Universally, the centiment has been "it's too small".

After going back and playing it again (I haven't played it in a few weeks), I'd have to agree.

My next map is much bigger. Not to say it's some HUGE sprawling level, just that it's bigger and addresses a lot of the concerns of MaxChaos.

Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming.

(BTW, Fued w/Peej=ended, you may now return to your regularly-scheduled programming).


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Kancer unregistered
#5   31 Jan 2000
Real nice map, just wish the layout was a tad larger.
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[sno] unregistered
#4   30 Jan 2000
such.. kind words peej :]

i havent seen the map so i

probley shouldnt comment.. but for a first time mapper.. it looks pretty good..

but i really need to finish the map i started so you people can bitch about it :)



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Peej unregistered
#3   30 Jan 2000
glad your cool. i have to say i didn't back up anything i said with anything solid. for this i'm sorry, but i only have so many ours in my day and map reviewing really isn't something i have time for.

i would say that your map shows promise. as you say (and i now know which i didn't before), it's your first map, and as such is a lot better than a lot of the drivel we see on appearing. you still need a lot of practice at mapping, and it shows, all i can say is practice.

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#2   30 Jan 2000
Glad to hear your comments Peej.

And everyone's entitled to their opinion.

I mean...

I personally think your level LOOKS nice, but doesn't FLOW for shit.

But that's MY OPINION.

Considering it's my first effort, and that you're the ONLY one that thinks it SUCKS... I'm cool with that.

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Peej unregistered
#1   30 Jan 2000
looks ok in the screenie but infact is a badly planned, badly put together waste of time.
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