2CastlesCTF by BeLaC
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#24   25 May 2020
Poor map. There is only one exit off the flag room *unless someone help you open a back door". Very difficult to strife and move fast. Plenty of camping allowed and a water area which is very slow to transit and so not really useful against decent players. Bots get stuck. No gameplay at all.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#23   25 Jan 2012
This site needs more 2fortctf maps.
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Me, Stupid! unregistered
#22   06 Apr 2002
The bots are realy dumb, but i know which map i'll use at my next lan party.

I give it a 10.

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=RS=Sim unregistered
#21   13 May 2001
this map has ruled WFA since the start. Top marks.
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Lastwave unregistered
#20   20 Oct 2000
i ain't gonna lie it ROCKS!
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MATRIX unregistered
#19   14 Jun 2000
We can say it's the best! Oh who wants to fight with me! ehehehe!
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MisterMortis unregistered
#18   15 Mar 2000
i'll let ya know...
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Jub unregistered
#17   26 Feb 2000
I haven't downloaded it yet, but...
from what i read about it..
and what people say,
this map ROCKS
I can't wait to storm their walls, and kik em in the balls!!!
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Grunt unregistered
#16   25 Feb 2000
Now I can download it... it worked through fileplanet!
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Grunt unregistered
#15   22 Feb 2000
As someone already has said what I wanted to say I may not tell it again but... I can't get it to download! Plz fix it, it looks really cool!!!
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Astro unregistered
#14   10 Feb 2000
you can get the file from file planet, just press stop and choose another dl location.
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Infern0 unregistered
#13   10 Feb 2000
A Score of 5.48? This map deserves a 10, easy. I tried voting twice but its rigged not to let me :) Come on, vote for it, and give it a 10! The map is Awsome, and BeLaC, keep the great ctf maps coming, and screw what everyone says bad about your maps. :P
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Terak unregistered
#12   08 Feb 2000
Object errors.....what's going on here File Planet. We need maps and we need them Yesterday! =)
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InSaNiTy unregistered
#11   07 Feb 2000
It Looks cool! I want to DL it, but FilePlanet DOSEN'T HAVE IT!!!!! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG
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Bengt unregistered
#10   01 Feb 2000
weee this map is the greatest!!
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Kancer unregistered
#9   31 Jan 2000
This map kicks ass
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AssBall unregistered
#8   30 Jan 2000
F*^k bots in the ass. This map rules. This map requires a team effort in a CTF game, for a change. I like the archetecture, concept, and design in general. Nice work, BeLaC.
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BeLaC unregistered
#7   30 Jan 2000
Like it says in the blurb, bots don't work well with this map. One way doors seem to confuse them :( They go and stand on top on the health pillar door, thinking that thats the way into the flag room.
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K unregistered
#6   30 Jan 2000
this map is pretty good! dl it when you can, i have only played it with bots and it is sweet i DLed it from : www.ece.utexas.edu...oshe/ckpak2.zip

dont over use, cause this is the makers site....

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[SoD]CRaZeD-FiN unregistered
#5   30 Jan 2000
Iwant this map too bad fileplanets a peice of horse sh*t

get your own webspace and server to host it !! me need CTF maps

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MogWaEE unregistered
#4   30 Jan 2000
I want to download this sucker!!!!!!
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AssBall unregistered
#3   30 Jan 2000
Same story here... guess I'll try again tomorrow.
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sonny unregistered
#2   30 Jan 2000
cant d/l any of these maps they look cool too damm fileplanet sucks every weekend
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Kancer unregistered
#1   29 Jan 2000
Damn fileplanet to hell. Where can I download these maps? I can't find them on LvL's FTP site either. Ah crap time to flame the powers that be at the planet.
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