by Yogi
Reloaded by Yogi
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#18   26 Sep 2020
Great layout but a bit too small. If you strafe around you are constantly hitting ceilings. A slightly larger version would have been better. The quad feels unnecessary too.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#17   10 Jun 2012
a really versatile map that suits a variety of gametypes with the item balance optimised for small ffa. works really well in freezetag. high replay value.
Edited 2564.45 days after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#16   08 Mar 2012
I really think this map would be awesome with Instagib. The layout of the map is just brilliant and judging by the screenshot, Textures look very finely brushed and lighting is good.
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<gundown> unregistered
#15   23 Aug 2003
i just downloaded and played the map pack with this in it, been playing them all for a week or so now, and i gotta say this map rocks! it is by far my favorite map out of the pack. just to get where i'm coming from, i dont care so much about the architecture and curves or looks, what i like is good gameplay... a good layout of the map, good item placement, a good flow, good bot play (for this 56ker) and this map has all that... bots only occasionaly get the quad and never get the mega, but i dont care, they play really well anyway on here, and i hardly ever get those myself. i agree its a little dark, down at the bottom of the big staircase, but thats probably more a function of my ghetto system and settings, and besides i switched to vertex lighting and it worked great after that... i rank this 9/10, an excellent map
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shadowzombie unregistered
#14   08 Oct 2000
just played this cool map.the way you built it is great,lighting is a little dark in some places,but that's the feel of the map which is nice:)the constant noise in the backround is a nice touch.overall 2 thumbs up.great job yogi
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Yogi unregistered
#13   07 Oct 2000
OOPS!! Btw, I posted the 2 posted before this one. Sorry :)
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Re:Auhsan unregistered
#12   07 Oct 2000
Thanks for the feedback, man. Though when are you gonna be releasing that creepy Gothic map of yours.. I'm wetting myself just by waiting for it to be released :P Well not really, but it looks really hot!

Back to reloaded, well there is a Quake 2'ish look to it as you mentioned, but I think it's only in the texture department as architechurally, it's far from Quake 2. Just IMO tho - we all seem to have those :) Thanks again!

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RE:No curves, oh no! unregistered
#11   07 Oct 2000
Yes, I totally agree with you man! My my last 3 releases for Quake 3 haven't made alot of usage of curves.. why? well I dont require them. When I do, i will use them. They are a cool feature have as a mapper, but thats all they are.. another feature ;) Thanks for the feedback everyone. Next map... hehe
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Auhsan unregistered
#10   05 Oct 2000
This map is a must have.

great fast gameplay and cool q2 style aesthetics.

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No curves, oh no! unregistered
#9   05 Oct 2000
What difference does that make? This is a map of the highest calibre with excellent texturing, lighting, architecture and gameplay. Who gives a shit if it doesn't have any curves? Not me.

Don't mean to sound nasty but just cos Q3 has curves you don't have to use them.


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Tyre unregistered
#8   05 Oct 2000
This one ain't for me. Looks good, nice textures, well put together, good connectivity, but it just lacks inspiration. It's another bunch of rooms. Doesn't stand out at all.
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Number 6 unregistered
#7   03 Oct 2000
This is one of those keep for ever, burn it to a compilation CD kind of levels.
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Yogi unregistered
#6   03 Oct 2000
Thanks a bunch for the feedback guys! I am well aware that the map is not for everyone but I am more than happy that it won over the majority of you all. Happy fragging and thanks again.
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Fubar unregistered
#5   03 Oct 2000
LOL! one curve!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   02 Oct 2000
Dross, it has one curve and a mesh :]
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#3   02 Oct 2000
Sweet map.

A little too dark for my tastes but an awesome map nonetheless.

Well done.

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Dross unregistered
#2   02 Oct 2000
Good map here, it's a keeper for it's gameplay.. Doesnt' have a single curve, yet still looks awesome. The bots did get quad 1 time and seemed to jump on the megahealth ledge, but never actually got the health.. So I pretty much owned them. I give it an 8.
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rockN79 unregistered
#1   02 Oct 2000
Haven't played this map yet, but I really don't like the white light-strips. They look too much like the famous "missing texture" texture.
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